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How Much Snow Weight Can My Roof Handle in Tahoe City, CA? How Do I Stop Snow Build Up & Reduce Load?

While it is still only technically fall, it may be a good idea to have your roof inspected before the snow really starts falling. The inspection will look for rafters that are cracked from previous heavy snows or damage from fire, rot or termites. The damage caused may require some bracing to be installed to strengthen your roof. Nickerson Roofing offers some helpful tips below.

Snow on Your Roof

How do you know if there is too much snow on your roof? Will you need to keep it off? These are a couple of questions you’ll need to ask yourself. Your roof is made to support more than average amounts or weights of snow. The weight of the snow is more important than the amount as 6 inches of wet snow weigh the same as 38 inches of dry snow. Determining the type of snow that’s falling on your roof is easy to figure out. Just take shovel full of it or throw a handful in the air to find out.

How Much Snow Weight Can a Roof Handle

Your roof is made up of rafters and related to structural members, trusses, the roof deck, and roofing material. The answer as to whether or not your roof will be able to sustain heavy weights of snow will depend the depth and spacing of the rafters and trusses that make up the roof. Some other factors are the surface slope and texture as well as the shape and location of the drifts. The best roof to have in snowy states is a pitched roof as it’s smooth and steep and will allow the snow to slide off. They are also framed with rafters that are closely spaced which makes them strong. If you have lower roofs that are above higher ones, the snow falling from the higher roof onto the lower one could cause stress. Examples of these are porches, carports or additions added onto the home. They will often have rafters that are undersized.

When Should I Worry About Snow on My Roof?

When the doors in your home start to stick, there may be too much weight on the structure of your home which causes distorting of the frames on the doors. If you notice areas of the drywall or plaster around door frames have visible cracks, you may have a problem. If you are aware of any prior work that was done to you home that may have not been permitted, then you need to be extra vigilant as the snow begins to fall this winter. After a few heavy snowfalls, you can take a look in the attic to see if the rafters are bent or listen for cracks and popping noises.

How to Remove Snow from Your Roof

Whatever the condition of your roof, try and remove snow drifts with a roof rake and an extension pole, being careful as it is easy to damage flashing or shingles. Think about easing the load rather than getting every snowflake off the roof. A good rule of thumb is to clear snow off your roof every 6 inches of snowfall. This will also depend on the weather forecast as lower temperatures will cause the snow to melt and you might not need to remove it as often.

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People die every year when climbing ladders. The smartest and safest option to remove snow on your roof is to pick up the phone and call the professionals at Nickerson Roofing when the snow starts to fall. We offer many rooftop snow removal and prevention services as well as effective ice dam solutions.

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