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How Do You Know if Your Ceiling is Going to Collapse in Mystic, CA? Roof Leaks, Sagging Shingles & More

With the heavy weight of snow, collapsed roofs are most common in winter in areas where snow fall is part of an average winter, but a collapsed roof can help to anyone, anywhere, anytime throughout the year. When a heavy load reaches the maximum weight endurance of the room as snow accumulates, the roof buckles under the pressure and collapses. The snow and ice compacted on the roof will weigh considerably more if you consider that one cubic foot of dry snow weighs in at about 6-8 pounds. Sleet, hail, rain, and other debris add to the weight, increasing the chance of a collapsed roof. Roofs especially susceptible are on flat or lower sloped roofs as the added weight of precipitation builds up. Snow is not the only factor to consider where collapsed rooftops are concerned; there are a number of things that can cause a roof to collapse. Pooling water from rain or even debris from fallen branches and leaves as well as other circumstances can cause the roof to collapse. A collapsed roof is more than an inconvenience; it is a nightmare as homeowners fight with homeowners’ insurance companies to get resolve in a timely manner and if anyone was hurt, even more worry and stress. In an effort to help people avoid collapsed roofs and get preventative repairs before that event transpires, we at Nickerson Roofing would like to discuss the warning signs and other basics concerning collapsing rooftops.

Signs of Roof Collapse

Below are the primary issues that point to a collapsed a roof and if one or more of these warning signs applies to your roof, it is imperative you contact Nickerson Roofing for assistance to avoid collapsed roof or other serious problems.
1) Cracks showing in the exterior masonry are visible.
2) Bends, ripples or other deformities are manifesting in the roof supports, framing, or other structural elements, a collapsed roof is soon to follow.
3) If opening doors or windows are challenging or if they pop open on their own; it is pointing to serious issues with roof support.
4) Bowed or bent conduits or utility pipes located at the ceiling are another sign of a serious problem developing.
5) Chronic and/ or severe leaks from the roof are another concern.
6) Seeing any of your installed sprinkler heads dropping below the ceiling tiles is an indication of an unsafe rooftop.
7) Sagging exterior shingles on the roof or interior ceiling sections are also raise for alarm.
Especially if you notice more than one red flag, but any of these warning signs singularly will inevitably cause your roof to collapse. If your roof applies to any of the above criteria, call a professional for an inspection as soon as possible. The less damage and the less expensive this project will be and as well as preventing injury and additional property damage stems from calling a professional sooner perform any necessary repairs or replacements.

How Do I Keep My Roof from Collapsing?

With preventative maintenance and professional services, you can easily avoid any of the warning signs of a collapsed roof and extend the lifespan of the rooftop. Consider applying the following preventative steps to avoid a collapsed roof all together:
– Avoid the debris, moisture, mold, and algae from building up.
– Do not put off professional repairs in the event you discover any level of roof damage.
– To allow efficient airflow, effectively maintain all drains, gutters, and downspouts; keep them free of leaves, dirt, and debris.
– Diligently remove excessive volumes of snow from the roof; professional services are readily available.

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If you believe your roof is showing any signs of collapsing or any slight damage, call the professionals of Nickerson Roofing.

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