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How Do I Protect My Roof from a Heavy Rain Storm & High Winds in Mystic, CA?

Roofs are one of the most important parts of any building as they protect it from various elements of nature such as rain, wind, snow, and hail. Storms can cause significant damage to roofs, and it is essential to take measures to prevent such damage. Today, we at Nickerson Roofing would like to share some tips to prevent storm damage to roofs.

How Do You Storm Proof a Roof?

1) Regular Roof Inspection: Regular inspection of roofs is essential to detect any damage or potential issues. It is best to inspect the roof twice a year, preferably during spring and fall. During the inspection, look for any signs of wear and tear, such as cracked, missing or loose shingles, damaged flashing or seals, and gutter damage. If you find any issues, make sure to address them promptly.
2) Trim Trees & Branches Away from Roof: Trees and branches that are close to your roof can cause significant damage during a storm. It is best to trim them regularly to prevent them from falling on your roof. Make sure to hire a professional to trim the trees and branches as they have the necessary equipment and expertise to do it safely.
3) Clean Gutters: Clean gutters are critical to prevent water from accumulating on your roof. Clogged gutters can cause water to pool on the roof, leading to leaks and damage. Clean your gutters regularly to prevent any damage to your roof.
4) Reinforce Roof: If you live in an area prone to storms, you can consider reinforcing your roof. You can install hurricane clips, which are metal fasteners that connect the roof to the walls of the building. These clips can provide extra support to the roof during a storm.
5) Seal the Roof: Sealing your roof can help prevent water from seeping through any cracks or gaps. There are various sealants available in the market that can be used to seal the roof.
6) Install Impact-Resistant Shingles: If you are planning to replace your roof, consider installing impact-resistant shingles. These shingles are specially designed to withstand high winds and hail, reducing the chances of damage during a storm.
7) Check Insurance Coverage: Finally, it is important to check your insurance coverage for storm damage. Make sure you have adequate coverage for any potential damage that may occur during a storm. If you live in an area prone to storms, you may want to consider getting additional coverage for wind and hail damage.
8) Install Storm Straps: Installing storm straps can help prevent your roof from lifting off during high winds. These straps connect the roof to the walls of the building and can help keep the roof in place during a storm.

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Storms can cause significant damage to roofs, but there are measures you can take to prevent this damage. Regular inspection, tree trimming, gutter cleaning, installing storm straps, reinforcing the roof, sealing the roof, installing impact-resistant shingles, and checking insurance coverage are all steps you can take to prevent storm damage to your roof. Remember to always prioritize safety and hire professionals for any work that needs to be done on your roof. If you do need roof repairs due to storm damage or any other source, call Nickerson Roofing and let us help you with quality roof repairs and related services.

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