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How Do I Know My Roof Sheathing is Bad & How to Repair a Rotted Area of Roofing System in Mystic, CA?

Roof sheathing, or also known ad roof decking, is the thin wood that spans over the trusses and supports the rest of the roof. When the outer roof develops a leak, water will begin to rot the sheathing. If the sheathing becomes too wet and rot sets in, the roof’s integrity is at risk. Nickerson Roofing will explain the dangers of wood rot and what you should do if you discover your roof’s sheathing is beginning to rot.

What are Some Common Rotting Problems with Roof Sheathing?

The roof’s sheathing or decking is either a plywood or an oriented stand board (OSB). These rather thin sheets of wood are never meant to contact moisture and if exposed, the OSB will quickly absorb the moisture. Once the OSB absorbs the moisture, then it allows the water to leak and eventually the wood will decay and develop rot. Once fungal growth sets in, it will begin eating away at the wooden sheathing which can cause a number of different damages such as:
• Bulging or Bowing: Wood rot can cause the sheathing to sink or swell up. From the outside, the OSB will look like it is bulging or bowing which will cause the shingles to not lay properly. It will then allow more water to seep through. If never correct the decayed section of roof will fall in.
• Mold and Fungal Growth: If the sheathing is left unchecked, the wood will rot and the fungal and mold will begin to spread. The mold and fungi will speed up the rot of the wood, and now it is also polluting your home’s air.
• Damaged Attic Insulation: When a leak occurs and the sheathing becomes saturated and begins to decay, the interior of the attic is also compromised. If the insulation becomes wet it too will develop mold and the insulation will no longer effectively do its job.
• Damages to the Home: Other parts of the home can be affected, such as the attic frame can also be exposed to moisture and begin to rot. The electrical could be affected as well and you risk the entire roof collapsing.

What Does Rotted Sheathing Look Like?

There are two types of wood rot, one is a dry rot and the second is a wet rot. There are different species of wood that is used for the OSB or the sheathing. Depending on the type of species of wood used, they can develop different types of rot. However, there are some signs of wood rot that is very similar.
• Discoloration: Wood rot will cause discoloration, and often is black, gray or a brown color. The site of the rot will appear darker than the rest of the wood.
• Texture: Wet rot will appear spongy where a dry rot will become rough and cracked. A wet rot will also feel damp to the touch.
• Odor: You can often smell wood rot, especially a wet wood rot. Wet wood rot smells like musty odor.

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