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Difference Between a Re-Roof (Adding a Second Layer to Existing) & Installing a New Roof in Mystic, CA?

Many homeowners research their options when the roof is need of attention. Though not every roof is a candidate, reroofing is a less expensive option. Today, the basics of a reroofing and replacement service is what we at Nickerson Roofing would like to discuss.

Cost to Add a Second Layer of Shingles to My Roof?

The basics of the reroofing process is a set of new shingles is layered over a set of existing shingles. The reroofing option is not applicable since this service can only be done once and if there is already 2 layers of shingles in place. More than a complete roof replacement, the reroofing can be done much faster and less expensive.

Cost to Replace a Roof with New

After tearing off everything on the roof down to the deck is a roof replacement, putting on new felt paper and shingles is next. Though it can be done initially when the original roof is showing age and deterioration, roof replacing is an option when reroofing is not. Making it a more expensive option when compared to reroofing, there is more involved with replacing the roof, such as labor, time, and materials.

What Do You Look for when Reroofing?

It is reaching the end of the estimated lifespan; a reroofing service is an optimal choice when the roof’s overall health is in good shape. If the shingles are not missing or soggy, or there is mildew or mold growth, reroofing can still be an option, though there may be minor issues and/or leaks, but where there are not any signs of severe water damage. It is best for whole rooftops rather than a partial as well.

Reroofing VS Roof Replacement

Because the existing shingles are not lifted up, you can’t know for certain what the roof deck looks like. Though there are times where the roof is sagging or rotting underneath them, most shingles can obviously show their condition with a simple inspection. They are simply covering them up as they continue to worsen over time as the added layer of shingles does not rectify these issues. Since you are creating a thicker portion than surrounding areas, reroofing can lead to other problems when only a portion of the roof needs work. In addition to being an eyesore, it can be the cause of problems. There is a that the shingles will not be properly secured, and issues can be more challenging to spot and overlooked, leading to severe problems that could have been otherwise averted, reroofing can only be done with us, and if it is otherwise attempted for more than the one time, as mentioned. Replacing is the better option when there is more than one-layer shingles, or if there is some more serious damage or leak where roof replacements can be done at any time. The roof replacement is better when shingles are in bad shape.

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For specific circumstances of your individual roofs, both services are optimal, ultimately. Call in the experts of Nickerson Roofing and our specialists are happy to inspect and determine the best solution if you are unsure what is the best services for your roof.

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