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Did You Know Facts About Roofs in North Lake Tahoe, CA; All Roofing Materials are Not the Same & More

Have you ever fallen victim to believing in a myth? If you have you can join the majority of people all over the world. Most myths were started as a true or even a made up story. As the story made it’s way throughout the people it was changed a little and even exaggerated quite a bit. Once the story stuck many people believe that because so many are aware of it, it must be true. An area of life that there are several myths that you may not be aware of is the roofing of your home. There are some that you could believe that may be putting you in danger and could cause you to have damage that you were not aware of. Nickerson Roofing busts some common roofing myths below.

If Shingles are Missing, Is the Roof Fine?

Are you in an area that has rain or storms? Then you could have the potential to have unseen damage to your roof. From the ground it is very hard to see any potential damage. When there is storms that have wind and rain it can potentially get under the shingles and roofing tiles and begin to leak. Having a professional come and offer a regular inspection can help you from having damage that can seep into your home.

Do Metal Roofs Raise Your Chance of having a Lightning Strike?

Lightning is actually not attracted to metal roofs. Lighting will hit the highest object that is near. That means that it will naturally hit a tower, pole or antenna. Metal roofs are a very safe type of roof and lasts a long time.

Does Power Washing Damage Roof Shingles?

Although you can have the roofs washed off, it is best not to have this done very often. The problem is that power washing can actually cause the water to be pushed up and under the shingles. If the water penetrates under the shingles it can begin to cause water damage to your attic and potentially to the ceiling in your home. Once the water gets in you can rest assure in no time at all that mold can begin to grow.

Are All Roofing Materials the Same?

All shingles and types of roofing materials are not the same. It is best to have some knowledge of the type and quality of roofing that you are having put on your home. The best thing to do is to ask questions so you feel good about the amount of time you can expect to have your roof looking its best.

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