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Common Roofing Problems in North Lake Tahoe, CA; Roof Not Installed Properly, Missing Shingles & More

Homeowners must maintain every aspect of their home, including their roofs. The roof is like the home’s shield from the elements. When the roof has a single weak point somewhere on the surface, then the entire home could be compromised. It is important for a homeowner to monitor their roof and seek professional repairs as soon as possible when problems develop. Nickerson Roofing will share some of the common types of roofing repairs.

Roof Not Installed Properly

There are certain aspects of building a roof that must be done properly or it will lead to a number of problems. One of these aspects is the roof’s flashing or drip edge. The flashing is very important as it helps water proof the roof and prevent roof leaks. Flashing is often installed by a vent or the chimney. When the flashing is not properly installed, water damage and roof leaks will occur. Some of the most common areas where the flashing is not properly installed is around the chimney. Leaks around the chimney often develops an erosion around the chimney. Another common area where the flashing is often installed poorly is around the ventilation pipes that stick up from the roof. The flashing must be installed around the pipes properly or leaks can occur. These leaks can enter through the attic and even damage the ceiling. Often if you see roof leaks and water stains on your ceiling, it is due to poor flashing around the ventilation pipes.

Missing Roofing Shingles

Another common problem that requires quick repairs is when a shingle comes off the roof. Asphalt shingles are notorious for coming off, especially during wind storms. When the asphalt shingles come off, you will want to quickly replace them. The shingles help protect the inner layers of the roof. When the shingles are missing, the roof is compromised and water damage will eventually occur. As the homeowner, never neglect missing shingles on the roof.

Not Cleaning or Maintaining Gutters

Even though the gutters may not seem like a major component to the roof, it is. The gutters help to safely redirect the rain or melting snow away from the roof. When the gutter system develops problems it affects the roof directly. Water can pool on the roof or the fascia can become water damaged. When the gutter system develops a leak, sags, or splits apart, make sure to seek gutter repairs to prevent damage to the roof.

Poor Attic Ventilation

Poor attic ventilation will affect the entire roof. In areas with diverse weather and poor ventilation in an attic, it will contribute to mold developing inside the attic. During the summer it can get so hot in the attic it can begin to damage the roofing material. Humidity also accumulates which is where the mold comes from. An attic must be designed with proper ventilation. Additionally, the ventilation must be maintained and at times cleared out to promote proper ventilation.

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When a roof develops common problems, it is important to seek professional
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