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Causes of Roof Damage in Tahoe City, CA; Tree Branches, Snow, Wind & Rain Storm Roofing Damages & More

The roof on your home is an essential part of keeping you safe from the elements as well as keeping your home dry. It’s also something that you probably don’t think much about until there is a problem with it. As a homeowner, you probably don’t know what damage is happening to your roof from week to week or month to month. There are several things that are constantly working to deteriorate your roof though. Nickerson Roofing is here to share the top things that are going to ruin your roof.

Effects of Rain, Hail Snow & Ice on Roof

While your roof is primarily responsible for keeping moisture out of your home, moisture is also the leading cause of roof damage. Hopefully, your roof is doing its job to keep moisture from getting inside your house and leading to mold and mildew growth along with other damage. However, if there is moisture on your roof that is constantly melting and freezing again it can cause ice dams. These ice dams are a problem because they block water from going down the gutters and moving away from the house. This can cause the moisture to back up onto your roof and get below the shingles which will then cause leaking.

Wind Damage to Roof

No surprise that wind can also do a number on your roof. When we experience a severe windstorm, which happens often, it will whip and pull at your shingles. This can actually remove the shingles from your roof and leave underlayment exposed. If you see underlayment, there is nothing stopping water from getting into your home. The shingles are what repel water and remove it from your house. The edges of your roof are the most susceptible to wind damage, but anytime you experience a strong windstorm, you should be checking your roof for damage.

Sun Roofing Damage

While damage from the sun isn’t going to happen all in one day like a severe windstorm, over time, the UV rays from the sun work at your shingles. They slowly break down your shingles and leave your roof susceptible to damage. In fact, the sun can deteriorate your shingles to the point that they aren’t doing your roof much good.

Tree Branches Can Damage a Roof

Trees, while beautiful, can cause damage to your roof as well. Not only can overgrown trees near your home lose branches during a strong storm, but they can also cause damage by dropping debris on your roof. This is a problem because moisture gets trapped beneath the debris and as mentioned before, is the leading cause of roof damage. Keep your trees trimmed and away from your roof to avoid this problem.

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If you have any issues with your roof due to any of the problems listed above, you can call on the roofing experts at Nickerson Roofing to come an inspect your roof today. We will make sure there isn’t any damage to your roof that could leave you in need of roof repair or replacement. Call us today!

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