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Advantages of Skylights in North Lake Tahoe, CA; Energy Efficiency, Health Benefits of Sunlight & More

Have you ever experienced owning a home that had skylights? For those who have never had skylights in their home before, there is a lot you’re missing out on. Skylights are wonderful and can benefit your home and all of your household members. For those who may be considering adding skylights to their home or want to know why they are so beneficial, Nickerson Roofing will share why more homes should install skylights.

Energy Efficiency of Skylights

Skylights provide natural light to your home during the day, reducing the need for lights. Areas with poor lighting such as in basements or closets and bedrooms often require artificial lighting. By using lights, you are using power. You can reduce your need for lights during the day, even in dark rooms with skylights, which can help reduce your energy. By using natural light you can save both money and the environment by using less power.

Skylights Help Fight Off Mold & Mildew

Mold and mildew grows in damp, dark places. Light can kill or prevent the development of mold and other fungus. Mold is a major health concern that can lead to severe health problems. By using natural light during the day light hours the sun can help constantly fight against mold and other fungus.

Skylights Increase Home Value By Adding Appeal

Natural light brings out interior colors and other features much better than natural light. Many people also claim natural light makes the inside feel cleaner. Natural light from skylights can also help make smaller rooms feel bigger and more open.

Strong Health Benefits of Skylights

Many people don’t realize the many health benefits of skylights. Skylights bring in natural sunlight. This lighting helps increase productivity, along with improving mood. Dim light, or even artificial light, can affect people’s mood and often triggers depression. For those who suffer from depression, it is often recommended they open the blinds of the windows and allow more light to come into the home. Sunlight provides both Vitamin D and B1, which can prevent certain deficiencies that can lead to beriberi. The sun provides much needed medicine to help battle many illness and can even help people recover from colds and flu faster if they are exposed to the sunlight. Poor lighting can also cause the eyes to fatigue or feel strained. This is why many older homes have a sitting area next to bay windows, back when reading was more or less the main source of entertainment.

Installing Skylights

There are many types of skylights that can be added or installed in a home. Essentially, they provide natural light into various rooms of the home. Skylights can direct sunlight to the places with poor lighting. Rooms that face away from the sun get very poor light from the sun even when windows are open. Depending on the home’s layout or position from the sun, you may have areas with poor lighting. However, by adding skylights to every room position that is away from the sun can still get natural light. If you want to bring natural light to certain rooms of your home, skylights can do it.

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If you’re considering adding skylights to your home so you can enjoy the benefits of natural sunlight,

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