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Across the U.S., more and more lenders and home insurance companies require roofing and/or home inspections (where the roof inspection is included) before buying or selling a home. Depending on the climate and exposure to severe weather conditions, as well as the maintenance and care involved, a roof can last anywhere from 5-20 years. The roof is a vital component of assuring the durability of the structure. A home inspection is beneficial for anyone buying or selling a home, or those interested in taking steps in preventative care and we at Nickerson Roofing would like to further expound on the importance of roof inspections.

Why Does a Roof Need to Be Inspected?

Roof inspections are designed to assess the current condition, how long it will last in the present state, and how soon you will likely need to replace the roof. Many expect to see the roof inspector prying every tile of the roof to ensure the raw materials are in good health below the protective barrier, however, that is not what is involved. Without tearing through the roof to ensure a thorough exam, the specialists apply a methodical and strategic procedure that assesses the integrity and general remainder lifespan.

Home Inspector VS Roof Inspector

A home inspector covers the basics of the overall structure and systems, where the roof inspector specializes exclusively on the roof fundamentals. Getting a roofing inspector is well-worth the effort and cost, even if a roof inspection is not a prerequisite for buying/selling a home. Unless they feel something needs a closer look, the roof inspector does not necessarily get up and close personal with the roof itself as they use advanced techniques and often infrared roof inspection equipment to identify any anomalies in the roof. The process involves the use of infrared rays to locate parts of a roof that compared to the rest of the roof, have higher or lower temperatures.

Knowing Roof Life Expectancy

Purely due to the fact that a roof can be quite an investment, insurance companies and lenders require a roof inspection. To protect their investment, these companies benefit from roof inspection and homeowners can have the same security. A home that unexpectedly requires an expensive roof replacement is the last thing a perspective owner wants deal nor does a responsible seller want to sell a problem to a new family. Additionally, homeowners in general that know the estimated lifespan of the roof can help you better prepare financially for a roof replacement or implement solutions to extend the lifespan.

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As an affordable service, roof inspections are a great value to all parties involved as it gives peace of mind to homeowners, lenders, and insurance companies alike. With the confidence to know your roof will stand up to the extreme weather conditions, you can benefit from the inspection. Unfortunately, there are many consumers who see the value of a roof inspection, but fear the inspector is selling roofing services and products. Nickerson Roofing performs unbiased roof inspections that to help the involved parties know the basics of the roof’s health, condition, and longevity. Call Nickerson Roofing today for your roof inspection service.

Study after study has shown the benefits of having a great deal of light in your life. It is important to have natural light in your home for this reason. One of the best ways to get daylight in your home if you don’t have very many windows is a sun tunnel. Nickerson Roofing is here to explain exactly what a sun tunnel is as well as the benefits that you can enjoy from having one installed in your home.

Sun Tunnel VS Skylight

Many people know and understand what a skylight is; a window that is installed in your roof to add sunlight in your home. There are many, however, that don’t fully understand what a sun tunnel is. These tubular forms of skylights are made up of three different parts: the dome, diffuser and tunnel. The dome captures the daylight and the diffuser distributes the light. The tunnel is the piece that holds it all together and connects the dome and diffuser.

Benefits of Sun Tunnels in Your Home

There are several benefits that come from natural sunlight in your home. Here are a few of them.
Health Benefits of Sun Tunnels: Daylight is important to your circadian system. It helps your body to know when you should be sleeping and when you should be awake. Not only that, but studies have shown that the amount of sunlight you are exposed to has a large effect on your mood. People who regularly exposed to sunlight have a more optimistic outlook on life and sleep better at night. They have an overall higher well-being than those that don’t take advantage of sunlight.
Natural Sunlight Boosts Brain Power: Did you know that your brain functions at a higher rate when you are exposed to sunlight. In fact, people who are exposed to high levels of sunlight can memorize things 10-25% better. Also, people who spend time in the sun do around 20% better academically than those that don’t. You will see that you are able to concentrate, memorize and focus better when you take advantage of sunlight.
Energy Savings of Sun Tunnels: There are a couple of ways that sunlight can help save you money on energy costs. First of all, when your home is well lit with natural light, you don’t have to use the artificial lighting in your home. Also, you can use the sunlight during the winter to help heat your house and reduce your energy costs on your heating bill. Sunlight is also better for the environment and budget friendly.

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If you are ready to take advantage of natural light available to you from the sun, you can rely on Nickerson Roofing to install sun tunnels in your home. You will find that they add to the beauty of your home as well as help you live a more well-rounded life. You can count on our team to install your sun tunnels with precision to ensure there is no chance of leaking in the chance of a storm. Call us today!

When building or designing your own home you will have the opportunity to choose what type of roof you want, which often dictates the overall design of the home. There are many types of roofs that use different kinds of materials. With so many design options, Nickerson Roofing would like to share the major roofing trends and what materials that are used to create modern homes and strong roofs.

Gable & Other Roofing Designs

Flat Roofs: For modern or vintage style homes, often a flat roof is used to create dynamic expression of the home. However, as a flat roof may look interesting, they also have many benefits. A flat roof provides the option for solar panels. Flat roofs provide a flat surface where the entire roof can be used for solar without the consideration of which side is facing the sun. You can also use a flat roof for a garden or even installing a water tank on top of the roof. Flat roofs do require occasional maintenance and the homeowner must always inspect for low spots where water can puddle.
Pyramid Hip Roofs: A pyramid hip roof is as the name implies. It has four sides that come together at a point. Pyramid hip roofs have their advantages as well. Pyramid hip roofs don’t have ridges where water runs down. Wherever water is directed in mass, you can have the potential of leaks. Pyramid hip roofs have less leaking problems than other roofing styles. Additionally, the design of the pyramid hip roof eaves help provide more shade.
Gable Roofs: A gable roof is a roof with two sloping sides and is one of the most common types of roofs. Gable roofs are most often used because they do well in both hot and cold climates. Gable roofs are also affordable and provide multiple design options. There are many types of gable roofs such as Flemish or Dutch gable, front gable, and cross gable.
Shed Roofs: A shed roof, or also known as the Skillion roof, has a single slope much like a water shed. These roofs are often used when the slant side faces the sun for solar installation. Shed roofs provide plenty of space for solar panels and they are easy to build.

Types of Roofs & Roof Covering Materials

Asphalt Shingle: Asphalt shingles are affordable and easily installed. They come in many colors and enhance the home’s profile. Most asphalt shingle roofs last between 20 and 30 years with maintenance. However, eventually the shingles will need to be replaced.
Metal Roofs: Metal roofs are becoming one of the more popular roof trends. The type of metal used on roof scan vary. However, metal roof tops are well known for their longevity. A metal roof can last between 40 to 100 years. Metal roofs come with high quality insulation to reduce the sound of rain or hail as it hits the metal.
Wood Shake Roof: For a cabin or natural looking home, many will install a wood shake roof that is considered to be environmentally friendly and reduces energy consumption. One species of wood highly used is Cedar which can last between 20 to 40 years.
Slate Roof: Slate roofs are beautiful and they can last between 50 to 125 years. Slate is one of the oldest types of roofing material and gives us evidence of its longevity. Slate can be recycled which gives it the environmental approval.

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When building your own home and considering what style of roof and what material you want, these are some of the top trending roofs. For quality roof inspection, repair and installation, contact Nickerson Roofing.

Generally, roofs last about 20 years, depending on how well you care for and maintain them. As a result, you will eventually need to prioritize a roof replacement. Knowing this, homeowners should have a basic idea on how the process is done. The first step is to look at different roof types and see which material makes the most sense for your home’s needs, keeping in mind that you need a strong, sturdy roof to protect your family and your home. To get the job underway, you need a qualified roofing expert who specializes in roof replacement. Be sure to learn about the warranty as your roof can last for years and even decades when properly cared for, so be sure to protect your investment. Below, we at Nickerson Roofing have compiled a brief list on what you should know about a roof replacement service.

Roofing Materials List

All roof materials have their own advantages, whether you opt for synthetic, cedar shakes and shingles or flat roof systems. Be sure to research in-depth about all your options, especially those ideal for your climate to ensure you select the best one for you. Offered in different thicknesses, cedar shakes and shingles are cut from cedar. These provide a natural and organic aesthetic as this roofing type of material matches up well with traditional home designs. Metal roofs offer a range of benefits, as well if a TPO system might be right for your low pitch roof.

Questions to Ask when Hiring a Roofing Contractor

Unless the whole roofing system is installed properly, no matter what kind of roofing materials you choose, they will not be effective. The installation process makes all the difference when it comes to the efficiency, condition, and importantly, the longevity of your roof. Be sure to ask around from personal contacts if they have any referrals, if not do some research on a reputable company. Compile a list of potential roofing contractors with experience, reviews, testimonials, and even what BBB has on record. Be sure to visit their websites and make sure they have qualifications that meat your standards. From there, you can narrow down the search based on pricing and availability.

Review Roof Warranty

You should know what your contractors can offer you before you sign, as a roof installation is not a small project and see if they have other incentives as well. So you can keep your roof alive without breaking the bank, be sure to understand what your warranty covers as well as everything you need to do keep the warranty valid.

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When it comes to roof replacement, the professionals of Nickerson Roofing are more than qualified to ensure you roof replacement service is superior. Our specialists are trained and experienced, using their skills and expertise in conjunction with quality products and equipment to ensure your roof is done correctly and efficiently. With Nickerson Roofing taking charge of your roof replacement, the overall experience exceeds your expectations. Call Nickerson Roofing today for your roof replacement consultation.