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Common Causes of Roof Leaks in Kings Beach, CA; Wind Damage, Roofing Drainage Problems & More

When your home begins to develop leaks that appear to be coming from the roof, you may begin to fear the worst. Not all homeowners are ready for a roof replacement. However, leaks from the roof doesn’t always require a full roof replacement. Depending on the cause of the roof leak, you may only need minor roofing repairs. Depending on a few factors, roof repairs are more often than not, the common outcome. However, in some cases, the roof may require replacement. Nickerson Roofing will share some of the common causes for roof leaks and if they can be repaired or if it is a sign of a future roof replacement.

Wind Damage to Roof

If you live in an area that receives a lot of wind that can get to intense speeds, your roof is taking the brunt of it. Wind can blow off shingles or roofing tile which will expose the underlayment of the roof. If the rains come then water will enter through the missing shingles or tile and cause the leak. As long as the missing shingles or tile are replaced and properly secured down, then leaks should be prevented. Depending on how much water and how long it was exposed to the underlayment, mold or rot may have occurred. If this is the case you may need to replace the roof and the underlayment. If the leak is caught soon enough the underlayment may be dried out and repaired in time.

Roof Drainage Problems

The upper roof has a down gutter system which directs the rain and water to flow downwards and safely away from the roof. If there is a blockage or the gutter systems fails, the roof may become over saturated. As the water pools, it will begin to seep underneath the roof, resulting in a leak. To prevent water leaks it is important to keep the gutter system clean as well as the roof. The roof can collect leaves and debris that can affect the flow of water. If the roof becomes too saturated and for too long a period of time, you may be looking at a roof replacement.

Broken Flashing Roof Leak

A roof has a flashing which is a piece of metal that helps to direct water away from the walls of the home. The flashing is designed to create a water tight barrier to prevent water from leaking down the roof and into the side wall of the home. Often when the flashing breaks, water will leak along the roof and the exterior wall. The flashing is also installed around the exhaust pipes on the roof. If the flashing needs to be repaired or replaced, water will leak from around the piping. To prevent leaks, a roof should be inspected every few years to make sure the flashing is still holding strong. Compromised flashing should be replaced before leaks and water damage sets in.

Lack of Roofing Maintenance

Most roof leaks are mostly the cause of poor maintenance. With proper maintenance the roof can be kept in check and minor repairs can be done before major water damages occur. Roof replacements are expensive, and insurance companies may not cover the cost if they feel the roof damage was due to neglect. It is recommended to have the roof inspected every 3 to 5 years. This way when major problems do occur, you can prove to the insurance company you played your part in keeping your roof healthy.

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