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Archives: April 2019

When was the last time your home’s roof was inspected? Or have you ever had your roof inspected? Many homeowners never think to have their home’s roof inspected until they have water leaks. When your roof begins to leak water the damage is often already done. By the time you see water stains on your ceiling the inner roof material are probably already soaked. There many signs to watch for before your roof get leaks which can help reduce major repairs or total roof replacement. Nickerson Roofing will like to share early warning signs that your roof may be in need of servicing before major problem occur and when you should consider having your roof inspected.

Visible Roof Damage from Ground

Your home’s roof is a major defense component against the elements. Here in California we face strong winds, rain, snow and even threat of fire. If your home roof is weak your entire home may be vulnerable. It is essential to maintain a strong an healthy roof to help protect the home. When a roof begins to become compromised it will have early warning sign that you can easily see from the ground. There is no need to be climbing on your roof to know the condition, leave that to the professionals. Here is what to look for from the ground level of your roof.

Missing or Lifted Asphalt Shingles

If you roof uses asphalt shingles you will all ways want to keep an eye on the shingle. Look for missing or loose shingle on your roof. When shingle are loose or go missing the inner section of the roof is vulnerable to water damage. If the granules that sand texture on the surface of the shingle begin to fall off the shingle need to be replaced. When shingle begin to curl is often a sign that the granules and depleted. You may see the granule in the down spout of your gutter.

Cracked Roof Tiles

If you have a tile roof whether is a clay, ceramic or concrete tile roof watch for crack or damage tile. Tile can even become loose and fall down around the edges. Like shingle roof missing or damage tile is early signs if future water damage.

Sagging Gutters

When gutters sag, this can also be a sign of roof trouble. The gutter attaches to the under surface of the roof. If the gutter pull away from the roof it can weaken the roof structure and allow moisture to enter inside the inner roof structure.

Excessive Moisture in Attic

After inspecting the outside of the roof make sure to look at the inside. Go into the attic to look for early signs of water leakage. If there are any odors that smells of mold or mildew there may be water damage already present. In the attic look for any signs of moisture.

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If your roof has any one of these early warning signs have your roof inspected. A roofing company can come and safely navigate your home’s roof and attic and make sure your home roof is healthy. The inspection can help provide a detail record of your roof’s condition and if repairs or maintenance is needed. For quality roof inspection and more contact Nickerson Roofing today.

With the arrival of spring many homeowners will begin spending more time outside, preparing their home for the summer. After a long winter, your roof may have been exposed to ice, snow, rain and winter winds. After the winter season it comes as no surprise that your roof may need some repairs. Nickerson Roofing would like to share some of the common roofing repairs we do in spring.

Gutter Repair Services

The gutter system on a roof ensures that all of the rain or melting snow and ice safely flow off your roof and away from your home. Often during the winter season, homeowners stayed out of the cold which mean the gutters may not have been cleaned for a few months. Leaves, dirt or mud can clog the gutters which can cause the gutters to leak, separate, and sag. If the gutters are not repaired, you can expect more serious roofing damage to occur. It is very common for gutters to require repairs and some more serious than others. This is why gutter repair is a common service during the spring season.

Animal Roof Damage Repair

Many animals such as roof rats, squirrels, raccoons and birds will climb on roof tops to either nest on the roof or seek for ways to get inside the attic. Rats, raccoons, and squirrels will chew holes and displace tile or shingles as they attempt to seek shelter from the winter cold. Come spring the homeowner may discover the wild life has caused a number of damages to their roof and not just on the outside but on the inside as well.

Leaking Roof & Water Damage

There are some areas of California that can get some deep winter snow. The snow blankets the roof and can hide the damages from view. The snow on the roof will thaw and as it melts, the water can cause leaks to develop on the roof. Most roof leaks are discovered far too late. It becomes obvious after the snow begins to melt more rapidly. One of the important steps in roof inspection is looking for leaks. If water gets inside the roof, mold and wood decay can occur on the roof’s framing. Due to the weight of the roof the internal framing can collapse. Roof collapse is very dangerous and can be quite costly to repair and/or replace the roof. Not all roof leaks will appear as yellow stains on the ceilings. Sometimes there may be only a musty odor in the attic space or you might see the presence of mold.

Replacement of Missing Asphalt Shingles

Shingles can often disappear. Winter winds, rain, and snow can cause the shingle to fall off. It comes as no surprise that shingle replacement is often needed come the spring season. Shingles often need to be replaced throughout the year to ensure the health of the roof, especially after winter. For those with asphalt shingle roofs, make sure to inspect your shingles after the snow melts or after strong winds. Check for any loose or missing shingles and repair as needed.

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Spring is the perfect time to have your home’s roof inspected and repaired to ensure the longevity of your home. For quality roofing services and more, contact Nickerson Roofing today.

Are you getting ready for a new roof for your home? If you are considering a metal roof for your home, it is important that you know what all the pros and cons of a metal roof are. While they are becoming more and more popular, you still need to know what you are buying before you make this big investment. Nickerson Roofing is here to share some of the biggest pros and cons that come with metal roofing.

Advantages of Metal Roofs

There is good reason why metal roofs are becoming an increasingly popular choice among homeowners. Following are some of the biggest benefits that come from metal roofs:
Long Roof Life Expectancy: When your metal roof is installed properly, you can plan on it lasting 20-50 years. On top of this, they usually have a 30 year paint warranty as well.
Roofing Material Weight: Metal roofing is considerably lighter weight than other types of roofing materials. You can count on it only weighing about 50-150 lbs per square foot while others are 750-900 lbs per square foot.
Easy Roof Installation: The cost of labor to install metal roofing is much less than other roofs because it takes less time for installation.
Fire Resistance: The metal roofing itself if fire proof. This doesn’t account for the materials beneath it though.
Heat Conduction: The metal will actually reflect the heat from the sun during the day which can save you money during the summer on air conditioning costs.
Minimal Roof Pitch: You can have metal roofs installed on a gently pitched roofs without experiencing any problems.
Snow Shedding Roofs: Metal roofs do an excellent job of keeping snow of your roof because they absorb so much heat and are slippery. This will encourage snow melt.

Disadvantages of Metal Roofs

Just like anything else, where there are several cons to having a metal roof installed on your home, there are also a few drawbacks. Following are some of the cons you may see with a metal roof:
High Roofing Cost: While the upfront cost is quite a bit higher than other roofing materials, because the roof lasts for so long, you will actually end up saving money in the long run. You just have to decide if you can give up the money upfront.
Loud Roofing Noise: Rainfall can be quite a bit louder on a metal roof as opposed to other types of roofs.
Roof Denting: If you experience an intense hailstorm, there could be some denting on your metal roof when it is done.

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If you are ready for a new roof, there is no one you can trust more than the roofing experts at Nickerson Roofing to help you get the job done right. We have the experience and expertise to handle any roofing issues you may have no matter what roofing material you have chosen. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are ready to help answer all your questions. Call us today!

There are a number of ways a roof can get damaged. Some damage is through neglect, pests, water damage and trees. Trees can be a surprising problem that can damage roofs in a few different ways. When a tree is too close to the roof or home, it can be the cause of roofing damage. Insurance companies can even cancel or increase your rate if there is a tree that is touching or hanging over the roof. Nickerson Roofing will share how a simple tree can lead to serious and expensive damages.

How Far Should Tree Branches Be from House?

When branches begin to extend on top of the roof it can cause a major problem. Especially large heavy branches that grow and extend or overhang the roof. If the tree branch breaks during a heavy windstorm, some branches are heavy enough to impact the roof causing serious damage. Roof tiles can break and shingles can get torn away. Branches can and have grown in such a way that they push up concrete roofing tile and cause roof leaks to occur. If the branches themselves don’t cause damage, branches provide a bridge pests use to climb onto the roof. California is home to many roof damaging pests such as roof rats, raccoons, and birds. Tree branches are often used by raccoons and rats to get onto the rood where they can chew holes in the roof.

Leaves Blocking & Clogging Gutters

Leaves are another major problem for roofs. Leaves can clog gutter systems within a very short period of time, causing water to stand on the roof. In turn this causes water damage and leaks. Gutter systems can also become heavy and full of decaying leaves and water so the gutter begins to pull away from the roof. Gutters can cause roof damage as well as damage to the exterior of the home. It is important to keep the gutters clean and free of leaves. As leaves decay bacteria and mold can also spring up. The longer the leaves sit on top of the roof you are risking exposure of the tile or shingles to mold and bacteria. Moss and lichen can also begin to develop under leaves since leaves can hold in moisture. It is important not to let leaves stand too long on top of the roof to prevent mold, moss or lichen to damage your roof’s exterior tiles.

Falling Trees on Roof

When a tree is planted too close to the home, you will run the risk of the tree falling down in the future, crushing the roof. If the tree suffers from drought conditions, disease, or is infested with pests the tree will weaken and eventually die. However, if the tree becomes weak and a major wind storm hits the tree, it can come down. Even a healthy looking tree can be dangerous if the root system can’t hold the size of the tree during the storm. As trees are great to help shade a home they do pose a threat to the home and the roof. Make sure to keep your tree healthy if they are near the home. Cut back overhanging branches and keep the leaves clean and off the roof to prevent future damage.

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For professional roof installation, repair and roofing inspections, contact Nickerson Roofing and schedule our services today.