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Archives: August 2017

Skylights are great for economically bringing natural light into your home. However, skylights are one of the most common demands for roof repairs. They often leak during rain or snow storms. Because skylights are prone to leaking it helps the homeowner to know how to properly diagnose and repair the leaks when they occur. Nickerson Roofing will help you learn how to diagnose problems with leaky skylights.

Inspecting Skylights to Diagnose Leaks

You will start by inspecting the skylight in order to identify the source of the leak. Warning: you will need to go on top of your roof. If you’re unstable climbing a ladder or walking on rooftops, you should contact a professional roofing company. When inspecting the skylight first determine that the water isn’t coming from condensation that has built up underneath the glass. This often happens after a storm or during winter conditions and especially when skylights are used in greenhouses, bathrooms, laundry room, and kitchen where there is naturally humidity and moisture. Next, see if your skylight is open. Make sure the glass is secured down and did not come undone. If the glass is secured and there isn’t any condensation building up inside the glass then examine the flashing around the skylight. If the flashing looks decayed then more often than not, the flashing needs to be replaced. Leaks can also be due to poor insulation or even broken glass from tree branches or other debris after a wind storm.

How to Fix a Leaking Skylight

Often leaks occur from the glass frame, the insulated glass frame eventually weakens and allows the water to penetrate through. When repairing skylight leaks, reseal the frame around the glass to ensure no water is coming through. Use a silicone caulking glue around the frame. After the silicone glue had time to dry it should prevent any future leak from the lenses or glass frame.

How to Repair Skylight Flashing

Another major weakness is the skylight flashing. When inspecting the condition of the skylight flashing and you determine that it needs repair you will want to repair it. Do this by using a roof flashing cement. Apply the roofing flashing cement around the edges of the flashing. However only apply the flashing cement if the flashing is only in minimal condition. If your flashing needs serious repair, it is best to replace the insulation and flashing material altogether. The flashing cement is not designed to repair serious damages and will only hold back leaks for a short period of time. If you need to replace the flashing completely, it is best to leave it to your professional roofing company to repair the skylight flashing. Same goes if the glass of the skylight is damaged and is the source of the leaking.

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Skylights are a great way to bring natural light into an otherwise dark area during daylight hours. They are a great way to save money for daytime light uses. However, skylights too need regular maintenance and eventual replacements. If you have skylights installed or want skylights installed, Nickerson Roofing can inspect and install skylights in your home. Nickerson Roofing can even help repair leaks and damages as they occur. Contact Nickerson Roofing for skylight repair and installations.

When you are looking at your home and wondering what type of roof you have, you may want some characteristics to look for. You might also want to know what style roof you have and why it is conducive to your home and way of living. The style of the roof that you have can have something to do with the aesthetics but also with the functionality as well. There are several types of roofs that you can have and if you are one of the lucky ones that get to design and build your own home you may want to know what is best for you.

Nickerson Roofing Looks at Several Styles & Designs Of Roofs

Flat Roof: One of the types of roofs that is used in many warmer climate areas is a flat roof. They are a great economical option as well as a simple one too! One of the reasons that this type of roof design is used is due to the look. If you are going for a particular culture or style, a flat roof may give you just what you need. Another great reason to go flat is that you will be using less materials to build the home since there is no slope. You also will be able to save on some materials that are used to cover the roof such as shingles, tiles or slate. One if the downfalls of this type of roof is that it has to be re-covered due to weather. The rain will start to puddle and can cause wear and tear faster than a sloped roof.
Gable Roof: One of the roofing options that you might see is a gable roof. This is a type of roof that is a great option that is very sturdy and a simple and traditional option. The roof is usually made with two sides of the slope and will have gables on the two main ends. The roof will leave some of the sides open since the gable does not extend over all sides of the home. That can lead to more exposure from the elements. They are a beautiful look for a home in many kinds and styles.
Hip Roof: A hip roof is a little more of a specific look and you need to have a specific style house. The house usually needs to be a square shape with little or no jut outs. The reason is that the roof mimics the look of a pyramid. That means that there are no vertical walls because the walls all slope out toward each of the four walls. The style of this roof is a great roof for a snowy, rainy or windy area like in The North Lake Tahoe Basin.

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It is a great idea to know what type of roof that you have. This will help you understand what you need to know about repairs and possible damage. Nickerson Roofing offers professional roofing services. Contact us for a consultation or other service today!