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The roof of your home is something you often overlook. The roof is high up and because of that you are not able to see any troubles on a daily basis. The problems often come into perspective when you have a roof leak or a major size of damage. There are some kinds of damage that you might start to notice over time and one of those could be roof discoloration. The coloring of the shingles can change and not only be an eyesore but it can cause more problems for you. You want to know what the damage is from and what you may need to do to repair the damage. Being able to have a good handle on your roof and what might be wrong with it can save you money in the long run.

Nickerson Roofing Explains Why Your Roof Shingles Have Black Streaks & Stains

Why Are There Black Streaks On Your Shingle Roof?: If you have a shingle roof you need to be sure that your roof is in top shape. The roof is a major part of the home and if there is even a small amount of damage it can have major consequences. The outcome could be a serious amount of water damage that can easily lead to mold and mildew. Inspecting the shingles on a regular basis is important and one way to do that is to visually look over the roof. If you see dark streaking or discoloration you may be suffering from mold. The reason that this didn’t occur often twenty years ago was because the shingles were made of felt and asphalt and now the shingles are made of limestone and fiberglass. These two materials are a great substance for mold to take hold and start to grow. You will often notice that there is the dark mold staining on the shady sides of your home. The cooler shade means the water and moisture will not evaporate fast enough and will lead to the growth.
Are There Health Risks With Roof Mold?: You may think that mold growing anywhere is a bad thing. The funny thing is that the mold that may be on the roof is not great but it will not be in an enclosed space where you might breathe in the toxic fumes. The mold is a problem mostly when it comes to aesthetics and is a problem with the look and curb appeal of your home. You want your home to look kept up and welcoming and that is why this issue should be addressed.
Roof Stain & Mold Removal: If you notice that there are mold streaks growing on your roof you have a few options. The first is that you can have the roof cleaned and the stains pressure washed off. The other options that you can choose is to remove the damaged shingles and have them replaced.

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Your roof is the barrier between the occupants and the great outdoors. It acts as a protective shield against the elements; which makes it susceptible to damage as it takes a lot of the abuse. Today, we at Nickerson Roofing would like to relate some of the common dangers roofs face to help you minimize the potential dangers.

Hazards & Risks to Roofs

1) Branches Hanging Over Roof: Trees are often placed near the home to provide shade and privacy. When they are grown close, the branches will eventually hang over the roof. A windy day, a sickly tree, or a number of scenarios will cause the limbs break off and with gravity doing its work, your roof will sustain damage when the branches fall off and hit the roof. Additionally, the limbs will scrape the granules from shingles every time the wind blows with enough force, causing the shingles to expedite the deterioration. Tree branches also give wildlife an opportunity to gain access to your roof, which will then sustain damage from their foraging for food and nesting material. Finally, branches contain moisture, which will cause the water to pool in pockets, destroying the roofing materials. Avoid these problems by keeping your tree’s limbs properly pruned away from the roof; preventing serious damage.
2) Clogged Gutters & Downspouts: Fallen leaves, sticks, animal habits, ice and other debris is a recipe for clogged gutters; not only do clogged gutters cause problems for your home’s foundation, but it can be detrimental to your roof. The gutters are designed to carry away the water from rain and melting ice and snow to keep the moisture at bay. When the gutters are obstructed, the water has nowhere to go and will absorb into the shingles and wood materials beneath them. After excessive exposure the water deteriorates the materials as well as producing mold, which only adds more decay to the roof. Simply maintaining clean gutters twice a year will contribute to a healthy roof and help you avoid the need for costly repairs.
3) Roof Leaks: Leaks are a symptom of a weak roof. Allowing leaks to fester continues the decaying process as the water drips on rafters, joists, ceiling and even the walls. The water breaks down the integrity of the roofs strength causing roof rot, potential mold, and expediting the deterioration. A weakened structure will eventually cause the roof to collapse causing costly repairs and replacements as well as being at risk for serious injury.
4) Debris on Roof: Not only do the debris of leaves, sticks, and other such materials cause clogs in the gutters, but there are additional contributions they will make if not regularly cleared. Leaves, dirt, sticks, and so on are all capable of absorbing moisture, leaving the roof exposed to prolonged moisture, mold conditions and added weight on the roof. If these materials are dry they can be the right kindle for fire from lightening storms, fireworks, and so forth. Keep the debris off your roof to minimize risks of decaying factors.
5) Wind, Rain, Hail & Other Weather Harms Roofs: Though there is little you can do, the weather abuses your roof just as much as other variables. Humidity in the air, pouring rain storms, ice, snow buildup, hail, lightning, and violent wind storms assault the roof, tearing it to shreds and causing other damage. To help offer your roof more protection against the uncontrollable weather, upgrade to waterproof materials and insulation.

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Your roof is a major component of your home’s structure and its protection against the elements. However, what is protecting your roof? As much as your roof provides shelter and protection to you and your home’s structure, it too needs its own protection from the elements. There are a number of damaging elements that a roof is constantly exposed to. There is sun damage, weather or storm damage, and even damages caused by pests. Most people’s minds jump right to birds or pigeons as the number one pest that damages our roof. They would be right. However, birds aren’t the only problem. There are rodents, termites, and other wildlife that can pose a threat to your roof as well. Nickerson Roofing will share a few tips on how you can protect your roof from these pests.

Roof Repair; Reseal Shingles

Through both pest activity and weather, shingles can become loosened and expose the underneath materials that can damage the entire roof’s under-structure. Additionally, rodents and other invasive pests can gain access to your home through these loosened shingles. Inspect your roof often for loose shingles. If you notice that some shingles have slid out of place, reseal the shingle and check the neighboring shingles as well to see if they are loose are require resealing. Some of the looser shingles may need to be re-nailed down to hold the shingle in place. Test the shingle after repair and make sure that is still held in place. If you do need to nail the shingle down, use long enough nails for the job. Also use a good quality nail that won’t rust in the elements.

Trim Tree Branches Hanging Over & Touching Roof

Overgrown tree limbs can give pests access to your roof. If there are tree limbs that make contact with or are close enough to your roof, or you have seen pests use the branches to get onto your roof, it is best to trim them back some. Most people will plant trees to help shade their home and cool it down naturally. Shade is good. However, if the tree is too close then it is a gate for many kinds of pests to get to your roof and mostly rodents.

Strengthen Insulation to Prevent Mice, Rats & Other Pests in Roof

In the event that pests have already begun climbing onto your roof, and are in your attic, you will not only need to reseal it, you will also need to re-insulate the damaged area. This should be done especially if your insulation was poorly installed to begin with. Pests often can gain access easier and quicker is such cases. You may want to consult with a roofing company that can help re-insulate your roof after pests have destroyed it. By re-insulating your roof correctly, it can prevent further pest invasions.

Roof Spikes & Netting to Prevent Pigeons & Roosting Birds

Birds, especially pigeons, alongside rodents often like to use the eaves of the roof as shelter and nesting grounds. You will want to prevent these pests from roosting or nesting on your roof by placing bird spikes or netting along the eaves and landing areas of the roof.

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There are many styles of roofs we use today for our homes, businesses, and other structures. But have you ever wondered about the history of roofs? As long as man has been on earth we have sought shelter from the heat, rain, wind, cold, and other elements that could pose us harm. As time progressed, mankind invented better and more efficient roofs to protect them and provide shelter from the out of doors. Journey back in time as Nickerson Roofing shares a brief history of the roof and the improving developments throughout time.

Clay, Thatched & Wooden Shingle Roofs

Some of the first glazed clay tile roofs were used in China about 5000 years ago. The first flat earthenware tiled roofs were used by the Babylonian and Grecians around the same time. The Romans brought us their own version of the Greek tile to England round 100 B.C. Even though clay tiles were widely used around 735 A.D., many cultures started to use thatched roofs or straw like roofs as they were far cheaper and easier for even the poor to obtain. Around 300 years later, the use of wooden shingles was used more frequently by the populace. They too were easier to obtain and were affordable for all classes to use. However both the thatched roofs and wooden shingled roof had a major flaw. The number of residential fires increased and in the 12th century, King John, the King of England at the time, implemented the use of clay tile once again. He banned the use of thatched or wooden shingle roofs, reducing the amount of accidental fires. By the 19th century the majority of roof industries began producing clay roof tiles. However as the industry grew and designs improved, they later invented the first concrete roofing tile. Nonetheless, many didn’t like the look of the concrete, so manufacturers began adding colored dye to the tile to help make their concrete tile appear more like the traditional clay tile.

Green Roofing System & Asphalt Shingles

Around the early 1970s in Germany, roofing development industries came out with the first “Green roofing system,” which also gave birth to the asphalt shingle. Due to the asphalt shingles simplicity of manufacturing and inexpensive cost, the roofing industries had a higher and higher demand for producing asphalt roofs. However the biggest breakthrough in roof materials and design has occurred in the last 200 years.

Wood, Slate & Metal Roofs

In the United States we see wood and metal roofs being used in the southern parts of the nation, slate roofs in the Northeast, wooden roofs mostly in the Midwest, and tile roofing in south west parts of America. Each material is often used due to the regional climate. Now, with more advances in technology more materials are being used for roofing, such as glass and polymer, as well as smog absorbing tiles. With an ever growing industry of roofing, who knows what the future might bring in material and roofing design.

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Roofs are built to last as long as possible under the duress of intense weather conditions, environmental conditions, the beating sun, climate, and other abuse that roofs must endure. Generally, roofs can last between 10 and 25 years depending on the circumstances. But when it comes time to replace the roof, there are a few things that can help the process go by smoothly. We at Nickerson Roofing would like to share a few tips and some advice on how you can better prepare for your roof replacement.

Preparing Your House for a New Roof

1) Preparations for the Home’s Exterior
The construction crew will need a clear path and work space for their safety, as well as your own. Remove obstacles away from the home such as patio furniture, garbage bins, toys, and other clutter. Not only will this keep people safe, but it will offer more protection for your home. Place a sheet of plywood on top of your air conditioning unit sitting next to your home, to help protect it from impact should any materials falls on top of it. Unplug the power disconnect switch on the outside wall next to the unit and switch the thermostat off during the construction.
2) Contain the Waste from Roof Tearoff
As the old roof is being broken down, there will be a considerable amount of debris that will need to be discarded. Some roofing companies may use a roll-off dumpster or a dump truck, but you will need to ensure there is adequate space for it on your driveway. This reduces labor and prevents debris from being littered all the way to the street. Make the necessary arrangements to keep the driveway clear. If they do not have such services in your area, invest in a dumpster provided by your garbage company to contain the mess.
3) Roofers Need Attic Accessibility
The roofers will more than likely need access to your attic. Clear a route free from debris to the attic entry point and show the project manager the way; they will let the workers know. Any indoor or outdoor pets will need to have arrangements made to either keep them clear from the area to avoid injuries or see if a family member or friend can keep them until completed so they are not stressed.
4) Remove Fragile Items from Walls Before Roofing Replacement
The roofing construction often produces a lot of vibration in your home. Go through your home the day before construction and remove mirrors, picture frames and other fragile items from interior walls until completion to ensure their safety. If your residential roof replacement involves the installation of skylights or light tunnels, make sure furniture is covered and there is a clear path to that area as well.
5) Communication with Roofers
Get further details and instructions from your specific roofing contractor. Some companies require special needs for custom projects. Make certain you understand the duration of the construction, the areas that are to be cleared, special arrangements, and get any questions you have answered prior to the date of the project.

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