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Archives: November 2016

Roof repairs or replacement can be a strain on a home owner’s finances. Nickerson Roofing, over our years of experience has gathered the top ten causes of roof damages. We will talk about the various reasons and causes of roof damages and some remedies you can do to prevent expensive roof repairs or replacements.

Causes of Roof Damages & Leaks

1. Many repairs and or replacements are due to poor or faulty roof installation. Poor materials or poorly installed roofs will increase the likelihood of your roof becoming damaged. If you believe that your roof has been poorly built or cheap or poor materials were used, have your roof inspected.
2. Moisture exposure and leaks due to rain, snow, and ice getting under the roof tile causes molds and mildew damage. Repair leaks as soon as they are discovered to prevent future molds or mildews from taking root in the wood under the roofing tile.
3. Many times the flashing was improperly installed. Flashing is installed around ventilation pipes, skylights, and other penetrating objects on your roof. When the flashing was installed poorly or improperly, the flashing will develop seams, or gaps which later lead to tile falling off. This will cause leaks around the flashing area.
4. Pests can cause a great deal of damage to your roof. Pigeons, insects and even rats are a top offender for many damages. If you have any of the local outdoor critters calling your roof home, take steps to remove them.
5. Constant water exposed to your roof will lead to problems. One cause of this type of problem comes from drainage by your HVAC systems. If the drainage system was improperly installed, the water will follow onto your roof. Eventually the water will seep under your roof tile and cause water damage or wood rot.
6. High winds and hail can puncture and penetrate roofing materials. This can affect your roof’s flashing, and sealants. Again this causes leaks which will lead to structural damage and expensive repairs. After major storms it is wise to inspect your roof and keep an eye on future problems.
7. Trees and overhanging branches can break or fall on roofs. Old or weak trees most especially pose the threat of falling and crashing down on your roof. Some may result in just a few cracked tiles. Other times the whole roof is damaged and needs complete repair or replacement. If you are losing a tree due to age or weakness you may want to consider removing or cutting in back to prevent major damages to your roof.
8. Proper ventilation is so important. The roof and attic space works together to help keep the inside cool. There is a ventilation vent place in both high and low positions in your attic. The high vents blow the warm air out and low vents draw the cool air in. In creating a perfect cycle, this helps keep the attic cool. If there are ventilation issues, and heat and moisture builds up, expect to find mold and mildew infesting your attic. This will cause structural problems as well as health problems. Make sure to check the vents regularly to clear away any debris or dirt that may be clogging the vents.
9. Shrinkage of the roof membrane or the material under the roofing tile or shingles. This will most often lead to cracks in the top layer of those materials. Then blistering, splitting, and surface erosion of shingles will eventually lead to bigger problems resulting in expensive roof repairs.
10. Unfortunately one of the main leading causes of roof repair or replacement is due to the lack or maintenance. Most problems come slowly, or in small doses. It is better and more cost effective to complete the repairs as needed. Fix those tiny problems before they become a big one. It may seem unnecessary to schedule roof inspections if you don’t expect any problems. However professionals will know where and what to look for in combating future problems.

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We here at Nickerson Roofing want to help homeowners save money and be aware of the top common causes that lead to roof repair or replacements. If you need any assistance with any roof repair, or seek to replace your roof, Nickerson Roofing is here to help you.

No one ever really thinks about the roof of their home when they think about remodeling. People usually think about painting the exterior or adding a rock or brick facade to update or even add curb appeal to their home. But if you have been experiencing frequent roofing repairs or your roof is just plain old; it could very well be time for a replacement. What is the best way to pick the right shingle color for your home? Since there are so many choices here are a few tips to help you make the best choice to complement your home.

Roofing Types & Shingle Colors

When choosing roofing materials, there is a lot to consider. First there’s different types such as slate or asphalt shingles, clay tiles (which are definitely not compatible with North Lake Tahoe Basin weather) or other materials such as wood shakes or metal. Next is choosing the color; as if deciding on what color to permanently paint your home wasn’t stressful enough. Once you pick a color then comes, as always, a ton of different shades to choose from. Remember you have to live with it. Unless, that is, you aren’t planning on staying a while or are revamping to sell. If so, be mindful of the resale value. Making sure you make the right choice can either help or hurt.

How to Match Roof Shingles to House Color

Complementary colors can add life and dimension to your home. You should try not to match the colors of the paint, stone or brick exactly but instead simply complement the colors to avoid making your home look boring. While vivid colors can be exciting and a great way to make a monotone paint job come to life, if the paint or brick is already multicolored, it is best to stay away from another strong or bright color to avoid overwhelming or metaphorically choking the eyes and detracting from the curb appeal or resale value.

House & Roof Color Combinations in Different Lighting Conditions

Light vs. Dark. Viewing all the colors in the light and shade is another great idea to make sure the colors you chose still match in the shade and in natural light. Once you’ve picked your colors by taking a sample of the paint you already have on your home as a reference and the types of roofing material that you’re planning to use; take both of the samples. In a place where you can see the colors in the light of the day see if they compliment each other. Then in the same spot once its in the shade look at the samples again. If they look as great together still as they did in the light then making that your final choice is your next step. If they do not, maybe move to your second choice until you find something that gives your home the look that you want. Whether it be fun with a little pop or country home feel.

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Matching the roofing samples to the paint is a big no no when it comes to redoing the exterior of your home. Finding complementary colors is key. Your roof is important and making sure you find what’s right for your home is equally important. Give us a call. We can help you make the best choices for your home. The right paint deserves only the best shingles. No matter what the look is that you’re going for Nickerson Roofing can help.