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When you have a commercial building there is a lot of maintenance that has to be done to ensure that there are not any major problems. You have to have all the systems checked out as well as the structure of the building. If there are problems with the building, you could be causing trouble for the employees and the business operations as well. When the building is not kept up, the employees are not going to be happy and potential customers may choose to go somewhere else. One area of the building that needs to be inspected and maintained is the roof. If the roof is in bad shape it can lead to many other related issues. You could have a leak that happens every time it rains or snow melts. The moisture then leads to mold and mildew that can be dangerous for the people that are in the building. The roof can have problems but there is something that could be to blame for some of them. The HVAC unit is sitting on the roof of your commercial building and could potentially be causing damage to the roof either directly or indirectly.

Nickerson Roofing Lists Ways Your HVAC Units Could Be Damaging Your Commercial Roof

HVAC Unit Was Installed Incorrectly: The unit that is on the roof of the building is going to be cooling and heating a large building. The HVAC unit needs to have enough power to do the job which means that it is going to be large and extremely heavy. It will be installed on the roof and as long as the installer takes care when installing it there should not be a problem. When the installation does not go according to plan there can be damage to the roof. If this happens you can have a roof inspection done to determine the damage and what should be done to correct it.
Maintenance Crew is Not Careful Walking on Roof: The HVAC unit is going to need to have work done to it on occasion. You will need to have it tuned up periodically to ensure that the unit is working at an efficient level. You also will need to have a technician come out and make some repairs that may be necessary. When the technician comes out to make the repairs they should be trained on how to walk along the roof so they do not cause damage. If they are not, they could be stepping or walking in areas that they should not. Be sure that you ask the technician to be careful while on the roof doing any repairs and or maintenance.
HVAC Leak Or Condensation Roof Damage: One thing that is very common with an HVAC unit is that they can have some condensation buildup. That moisture from it is going to need to go somewhere and if there is not an adequate system to drain i, the water can start to drip on the roof. This can cause a leak that needs to be fixed and repaired by a roofing contractor.

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You may have finally reached your goal to build your own dream home. But where to start? There are many aspects you must consider before building. One is your style of roof. Each is different and brings out a unique design and personality. Nickerson Roofing knows all about the different styles you can choose from. Allow us to share some of the different roof styles and see which ones strike you the best.

Different Types & Styles of Roofs

1. Skillion Roof – This type of roof is best used for homes with multiple levels. It has a single sloping surface. Some will think of it as a sloping flat roof or one half of a triangular roof. Skillion roofs offer a unique pattern or shape to a home. You will mostly find them in modern styled homes.
2. Arched Roof – Arches are not typically used as a solo roof design. It is used on some portions of a home. Originally arched roofs were meant to give an aesthetic look to a home.
3. Cross Gabled Roof – A cross gabled roof is a portion of the roof that sticks out in a triangle, typically facing out from the front of a house. Cross gable roofs help give the second floor some extra space. They also bring out more depth in a home’s upper floor.
4. Flat Roofs – Flat roofs are easy to identify. Most commonly used for commercial buildings and warehouses, flat roofs can also be seen on homes as well. They are known to require more maintenance, but help with keeping your home cooler.
5. Pyramid Roofs – Pyramid roofs, again like the arched roofs, are not used on the entire home. They are typically used on smaller portions like overlook, garages, and pool houses. As the name suggests they are in the shape of a pyramid.
6. Hip Roofs – The hip roofs are similar to the pyramid roof. They have four sides but don’t come to a point at the top. The top is flat. Some will say it is an architecturally better design.
7. Bonnet Roof – This roof is similar to both a hip roof and a pyramid roof, however the big difference is that the sides flip out. You will usually see this roof style being used on over hangs and porches.
8. Saltbox Roof – Saltbox roofs are one of the more unique styles of roofs. It’s a single slanting roof. Typically the front is slanting up with an overlapping roof dropping down off the front of the home. Not commonly used. However, you will see cabins with this kind of roof.
9. Gambrel Roofs – This roof style is made up of four slopes, two on each side that has a vertical gable. The vertical gable end hangs over the façade of the home. This roof is very similar to a mansard roof but the Gambrel roofs are Dutch inspired where the Mansard roofs are French inspired.
10. Mansard Roofs – Very similar to a Gambrel roof, it too is made up of four sides. However the Mansard roofs do not have a vertical gable end that hangs over the façade of the home. Each side slopes, but the lower slopes are deeper then the upper slopes. Giving more storage, and space to the upper levels of attics than other roofs.

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These are the top ten roof styles you will find. When preparing for construction, see which one will fit your needs and desires as well as the building codes. Nickerson Roofing wants to provide your dream home with the function and look you desire. For more tips and details on roofing related question you may have, we are here to help you. Contact us for all your roofing needs.

Now that fall is here, the winter season is quickly approaching. Is your roof ready for the freezing weather and snow headed our way in just a few short months? Snow and ice damage affects a lot of home roofs in the Truckee, California areas. Nickerson Roofing want to help prepare your home for this upcoming winter season. Now is a great time for a roofing inspection to ensure your roof is ready and able to handle the extreme cold weather conditions headed straight for us. We will also cover a few tips on how to prevent snow and ice buildup and what damage to expect from the snow.

Preventing Snow & Ice Damage

A good practice to have during the winter is to keep your attic cool. Your attic needs to be properly insulated and allow just enough heat to escape. This will melt the snow slowly and more safely. If the snow melts too quickly, it can cause dangerous ice dams, clog gutters, damage your roof. Sharp ice sickles that can be rather dangerous.

How To Prevent Snow Ice Buildup on Your Roof

Next, try to avoid having snow build up on your roofs. Easier said than done right? However it is important. Most roofs are built to withstand only so much weight. The home that’s built in the higher mountain range can typically withstand more weight but you still will want to remove the snow after every major snow storm. Good rule to follow is never let more than a foot of snow set on your roof at any given time. You can use a roof rake to remove the snow. Most come with a pole extender that will give you a reach of 20 feet. Don’t try to remove every flake of snow, just the bulk of it.

Importance of Quality Gutters

Having good quality gutters and keeping them clean is also important. Ice and snow can build up inside gutters and with the extra weight, poor quality gutter systems can wander away from your roof siding. This causes damage that can be rather expensive to replace. Nickerson Roofing recommends 18 gauge welded steel guttering to withstand our extreme cold weather conditions in the North Lake Tahoe Basin of California. Do your best to keep the gutters cleaned out. This can be a dangerous job so you may want to use a professional to tackle that job.

Melting Snow & Ice on Roof

Melting snow and ice can back up and sneak under the shingles, allowing water to seep into the cracks in the roof. This is one of the common causes of those ugly brown stains you may see in your ceilings. Knocking off icicles is not recommended, and can easily cause damage to eaves, flashing and gutters. If you’re unsure, a professional roofer can assist with proper removal if the weather doesn’t ease up enough for them to melt. Nickerson Roofing offers many effective snow removal devices.

End of Winter Season Roof Inspection

At the end of the winter season and at the beginning of spring, we strongly suggest you have your roof inspected. It is best to repair the small damages quickly rather than allowing them to become a bigger problem. If you choose to do the inspections yourself, be extremely careful. There might be a lot of unseen damage done that can be dangerous when walking on your roof. You may want to do a visual inspection. If any area needs a closer look, use binoculars. If you feel that there might be a problem, hiring a professional roofing company may be the best and safest way.

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Nickerson Roofing wants you to be prepared for this coming winter season, and help you avoid roof damage that the snow brings. We hope that this was an aid to you, and we wish you the best of luck this coming winter season. If you have any concerns about your roof’s condition we at Nickerson Roofing is here to help you. Contact us for all your roofing related needs!

A new roof is a huge decision that some homeowners need to make and it can take away from the family’s budget. A new roof can add a lot of value to your home including increasing the resale value. A new roof can also help to stop mold and mildew growth under the areas of the roof that were damaged. A roof replacement is usually undertaken after you have had frequent roofing repairs and/or you have had a roof inspection to confirm that the roof is no longer able to be repaired and needs to be replaced. A new roof is something that should be thought about thoroughly to avoid making terrible mistakes that can put you in a real bind. Making mistakes with this type of home repair can cost you more money and cause more damage than you originally planned to deal with. You want a good long lasting roof to make sure that the home is secure from the elements such as rain, snow, wind and other damage.

Nickerson Roofing Lists Things to Avoid When Choosing to Have a New Roof Installed

Never Make Roof Installation A DIY Project: If you are ever in a situation that you need to have a cut that needs stitches, you quickly call a health care professional to take care of it for you. If you are taking a flight for a family vacation you book a flight in an airline with a pilot that has been trained to fly the aircraft. If you need a new roof the same principles apply. You never want to take on a new roof replacement as a DIY project since you are also not trained in that particular trade. Even if you are pretty handy or good with tools, this is a very different trade that requires training and experience to ensure that the job is done right. The work that needs to be done is extensive and if each part is not done correctly you can end up causing more damage to the roof, eaves and home as well as end up wasting time and money on a roof that ends up not turning out the way you expected. The project is not simply adding new shingles or tile which is why you need to use a professional roofing company to do the job for you.
Never Buy Your Own Materials Without Consulting with Your Roofer: People are always looking for ways to save money on home repairs and other projects and that sometimes means that you get your own materials. This is not going to save you money when you’re talking about buying roofing materials. The old saying you get what you pay for is a saying for a reason, if you are getting a great, cheap deal you may end up with a product that is just not up to par. The other area that tends to cause some confusion is the amount of materials that you need in order to complete the job. You want to use the advice and expertise of a professional to order a material that will last a long time and that enough is purchased to get the job done.

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If you are ready to have a new roof to replace your aged roof, you want to call a professional roofing company to come out and bid the work. Nickerson Roofing can give you a timeline as well as a list of steps that will be taken and advice to include you in choosing a roofing material that is best for your home.