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Archives: July 2016

Are you wondering when it is time to replace your roof? You don’t want to wait until you have water leaking in your home before you give your roof the TLC that it needs. Having a solid roof above your head gives most people a lot of peace of mind. There are signs that can indicate your roof needs replacing. Nickerson Roofing is here to point out some signs that indicate your roof needs to be replaced.

Average Roof Age & Life Expectancy

Most roofs can be expected to last between 20-30 years. If your roof is between 20 and 30 years old, you will most likely be replacing it soon. Even if you have taken excellent care of your roof, it won’t last forever. They experience normal wear and tear just like with anything else. Your roof takes a lot of beating between the sun and weather changes. Also, a lot of the time, the houses in your community were built around the same time. If your house is around the same age as your neighbor’s and you see them replacing their roof, your time might be coming as well.

Check Your Gutters for Shingle Granules

If you are finding granules from your shingles building up in your gutters, this is an indication that your roof is nearing its end. Those granules tend to fall of the shingles more and more with time. If you are starting to notice dark patches around the roof, that is another sign that you are losing too many granules and need to look into replacing your roof.

Curling Shingles on Roof

Near the end of your roof’s life, you will start to notice the shingles are showing major wear and tear. They often curl on the edges. Shingles curl in two ways, they curl under making the middle come up, or they curl up and create a cupping shape. Depending on the extent of the damage your shingles are showing, you can expect 1-5 years left with that roof.

Other Signs You Need a New Roof

– When in your attic space, if you can see any light leaking in through the roof, you have a problem. You will want to fix it right away, before you experience a rainstorm and end up with water leaking instead of light.
– If you notice that your entire roof is starting to sag, this is a very big indication that it’s time to replace it. You want to have it checked out as soon as possible to make sure there aren’t any issues with your entire structure. Sagging is a definite problem.
– If you start to notice moss or algae growing on your roof, it not only looks bad, but can be the cause of other problems. Moss holds a lot of moisture and when it grows on your shingles, it holds that moisture up against your roof. This can end up causing major damage to your shingles if you experience freezing temperatures.

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If you are noticing any of these warning signs with your roof, it is time to contact Nickerson Roofing. We will be able to either repair your existing roof and give you more time, or we can assist you in replacing your roof altogether. Call for an appointment today!

If you are looking to have a roof replaced or a new roof installed on your home or office building, you have several choices to choose from. Some of the materials are shingles that are found on many homes and are fairly standard. You can also choose from different colors and styles of tiles that are more modern and look great on many homes and commercial properties. Another option that there is to choose from is metal roofing. Metal is a great and durable option and is the chosen investment for many people.

Nickerson Roofing lists the benefits to having a metal roof installed on your home or commercial office.

Metal Roof Longevity: One of the very greatest benefits of using a metal roof on your home or commercial office is the durability. The metal roof is made to last and can even last over five times longer than a standard roofing material. The standard roofing material is great and will last several years but will occasionally need to have repairs and will need to be replaced after around ten years or so. The metal roof like any other roof will still need to be maintained and taken care of to ensure that it lasts the longest span but can last closer to 50 years!
Fire Resistant Steel Roof: A great benefit to using metal such as steel as your roofing material is that it is resistant to fire damage. A standard shingle will fuel the fire while a metal roof is not flammable and could potentially help in the wake of a fire disaster. If you have a business that uses heat in any way it is best to use a metal roof to help deflect a fire if it were to start.
Weather Resistant Metal Roofing: Any roofing material is built and installed to withstand all types of weather and stand up against major wind, rain and hail but a metal roof is the best for the situation. A metal roof is installed and is low profile so the wind has less to catch on and damage. It is also great against rain and snow since the roof is so smooth and slick the rain and snow can easily fall right off or be cleaned off easily. If you live in an area that has lots of extreme weather like the North Lake Tahoe Basin of California, you may want to look into a metal roof as an option.
Ease Of Metal Roof Installation: When you contact a roofing contractor to come out and give an estimate on the installing a new roof ask about a metal roof and installation. The metal roof is a great option if you want to go for a less expensive installation cost too.

New Roof Installation, Re-Roof & Roofing Replacement, Inspections, Emergency Repairs & Preventive Maintenance in Truckee, Mystic, Floriston, Olympic Valley, Alpine Meadows, Tahoe City, Dollar Point, Ridgewood, Carnelian Bay, Kings Beach, Eder, Norden, Soda Springs & The North Lake Tahoe Basin of California.

If you are interested in having a new roof installed on your home or business, it is best to contact a licensed roofing contractor. We are able to get you options on the best materials and cost for the job. Nickerson Roofing is proud to offer expert roofing services to the North Lake Tahoe Basin of California. Contact us today for a roofing consultation and inspection!

One of the most important parts of a home is the roof. The roof keeps the home covered from wind, rain and other weather elements. When the weather is bad and your roof is damaged you are sure to find out about it. There are several problems with your roof that can lead to a roof leak and other damage that can be devastating. If you want to be sure that you are checking, inspecting and having repairs done to your roof to eliminate major damage follow some maintenance tips. These can find small problems before they lead to something much bigger.

Nickerson Roofing lists tips on maintaining your roofs to help prevent leaks.

A Small Roof Hole is a Big Problem: One of the most common troubles when it comes to leaks are holes in the roof. A small puncture in the roofing material can cause enough of a divot that the water will congregate there and start to leak in the home. If you notice that there is an area that may have a puncture you want to be sure that it is repaired as soon as possible. There are several problem areas that seem to cause punctures and that is around chimneys, skylights and other vents. These areas need to be inspected and many times need some maintenance to ensure they are sealed properly.
Do You Have A Roof Drip Edge: One thing that on occasion is missed all together is having a drip edge installed on the roof of your home. This is a necessity to ensure that water and other debris that is coming off the roof is directed away from the home. The fascia and roof can be damaged if the debris is not funneled off and away properly. That can lead to more home repairs that can be prevented. A drip edge can be installed by a professional roofer if you have a home that is missing it all together. If you have a home that the drip edge needs to be repaired call a professional to do the repairs for you.
Is It Really Your Roof Causing The Leak: If you notice that you have a spot on the ceiling you are sure to assume that the problem is the roof! Although it can be the culprit there are some other things that can be the source of the leak as well. One of them is the ventilation on the inside of your attic. The attic needs to have some air flow to ventilate the space from condensation and other moisture. Your AC Unit can also be leaking condensation and causing the leak which has nothing to do with the roof at all. You can always have your roof inspected for potential leaks and damage.

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