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Archives: May 2016

One of the worst things when a rain storm heads in is to find that your roof is leaking! A leaking roof can lead to water damage that can end up costing you quite a bit of money to have repaired not to mention the cost to repair the roof as well. A roof should be installed correctly and done right in order to keep leaks at bay and protect your house. There are many types of roofs that come on houses and buildings from shingles, metal and tile to rubber roofs and much more. No matter what kind of house you have and whatever the roofing material is used, it needs to be installed correctly. That means that the layers underneath should be done professionally as well as the flashing. You may not realize that your homes roof has flashing and you may even not know what it even is.

Nickerson Roofing outlines what roof flashing is and why it needs to be installed correctly to prevent leaks.

What Is Roof Flashing?: Flashing is usually made out of a material that differs from the roofing material you have installed. A lot of the time the flashing is metal and can be colored to match the roof. The flashing is a very important part of the roofing system. It is what prevents the roof leaking around skylights, vents and chimneys. These are areas that are prone to leaking because they are on the roof but also have access to the house too.
Where is Roof Flashing Installed?: Like we mentioned before, the flashing will help to prevent leaks around areas on the roof such as a chimney. There are also areas that you want to make sure flashing is installed like the areas where the roof changes slope and direction. This could be a valley, edge or joint in the roof. These areas are usually a junction that needs to be protected more than other areas so that they do not leak when it rains or snows.
What if Roof Flashing is Installed Incorrectly?: If a piece of flashing is installed wrong it can lead to damage such as a leak in the roof. That leak can them lead to water damage to your ceilings and home that can end up being costly to repair. It can also cause the tiles or shingles on the roof to be damaged and that can lead to needing more repair to the roof done.

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If you need to have your roof inspected or repaired because of a leak caused by a flashing installation mistake or any other reason, you want to call a professional roofer like Nickerson Roofing to make sure that it is done correctly.

Many homeowners realize their home is lacking natural lighting and wonder how they can achieve this after they have already moved in and are settled. There are two options for your home that will bring in a great deal more natural light and really brighten up your home. Nickerson Roofing specializes in installing sky lights and sun tunnels to open up your home to a significant amount of natural light that it was lacking before. If you are ready to brighten up your home without having to install new lighting fixtures and rewire electrical outlets, contact Nickerson Roofing to install sky lights or sun tunnels inside of your home.

Sky Lights & Solar Tube Sun Tunnels are a Great Source of Natural Sunlight

Nickerson Roofing will improve the look of your home by installing sky lights or sun tunnels to allow natural sunlight to brighten up your living space. Natural light is a magnificent benefit provided by the environment, it reduces the emission of chemicals like sulphor dioxide, carbon and mercury. Natural sunlight is healthy and will reduce the production of harmful bacteria and organisms that can grow in any house. Sunlight increases the vitamin B and D in our bodies and in healthy amounts is good for your complexion. Daytime sun has also been known to help a person sleep better at night. So with these and many other benefits, consider Nickerson Roofing to install a sky light or sun tunnel inside of your home.

Skylight or Solar Tube Sun Tunnel, Which is Best for Your Needs?

Before you can decide to install a sky light or sun tunnel it is important that you are familiar with what they are and how they differ. A skylight is the more popular option that homeowners tend to go with when choosing between the two. A skylight is a window that mounts directly on the roof to bring in natural light and ventilation. Skylights provide a large amount of natural light on days when it is bright outside because the light is coming straight down into the home through a fairly large amount of glass. A sun tunnel is a tubular skylight which extends from the roof to the ceiling; it can usually be installed bring in natural light to a dark hallway, closet or a room in the house that cannot have a window added to it. A skylight is typically twice the cost of a sun tunnel.

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There may be many areas of your home where a sky light is needed and others where a sun tunnel would benefit the area. Contact Nickerson Roofing today to add natural light to your home!

The time has come that you need to have your roof replaced. This is a large investment for most people and after your roof has been inspected and repairs are out of the question a new roof is a must. If you choose to forgo replacing the roof you could be setting your house up for more damage. That can be costly and even make the home so that you can’t stay there.

Roofing Consulting & Inspection to Determine the Best New Roof for Your Home

You need to choose a licensed, reputable roofing company that has experience in replacing a roof and can offer their roofing services that include an inspection, an estimate and the installation itself. We will walk you through your roofing options and let you know what materials will suit your home the best. We can over shape, size and color and make sure you are happy about the look and quality you will be getting. You want to be very happy with the outcome since you will be living with that roof for a long time! When a roof is installed correctly and by a professional roofer it can last an extreme amount of time so be sure you are confident in your choices. Be prepared for a major process when you decide to take on a new roof installation.

Nickerson Roofing has what you should expect when you have a new roof installed on your home.

Alert Your Neighbors to the Time of Your New Roof: After you have chosen your roof and you set a date with the roofing contractor you want to take some time to alert your surrounding neighbors about the install. There will be quite a bit of noise and debris so you want to make sure that the neighbors are ready to spend some time away if they are sensitive to the sound.
Move Items Away From Around The Home Before the Roofers Arrive: This is a crucial part of having a new roof done. If you want to ensure that none of the belongings surrounding your home are damaged, be sure to move them away from the sides of your home. This includes cars, sheds, and even delicate plants. The tear off of the old roof can cause some debris to fall onto the ground and if you have anything in its path it could be damaged.
Be Ready To Spend Time Away From Your Home While the New Roof is Installed: The roofing team will be hammering and nailing in new shingles or tiles so the noise in your home can be virtually unbearable. Make sure that you have somewhere to spend some time so that you are not stuck listening to the chaos! When you have a new roof installed the old roof is removed and usually dropped in a large metal trash bin that is sitting in your driveway. The new roof is then prepped and installed on the roof and you are good to go. The process can take some time and the noise is loud so be prepared by using the tips that were provided.

Nickerson Roofing offers old roof tearoff and new roof installation and replacement in Truckee, Mystic, Floriston, Olympic Valley, Alpine Meadows, Tahoe City, Dollar Point, Ridgewood, Carnelian Bay, Kings Beach, Eder, Norden, Soda Springs & The North Lake Tahoe Basin of California.

When your home is constructed, the builder takes time to ensure that each part of the home is installed up to code. That means that if you take care of your home you should stay clear of any major problems; at least the foreseen causes. One of the areas that a lot of thought is taken into consideration of when it is installed is the roof. The roof is the first line of defense when securing a home from weather and damage from the elements. The roof has to be taken care of and inspected on a regular basis to ensure that it is not damaged. If it is damaged in any way the roof can start to leak and that can lead to damage to your home in the form of mold and mildew.

Nickerson Roofing lists the most common ways that a roof can be damaged.

Roof Damage from Falling Tree Limbs & Debris: This is one of the most common ways that a roof is damaged. When a tree is near the roof of your home there is always a possibility that a limb can fall and damage the roof. During a storm or high wind, the branches of a tree can be torn off the tree and land on the roof. That can lead to the roofs tiles or shingles being damaged. You can prevent this by making sure you have your trees inspected and any damaged areas trimmed or removed. Even if the tree has no damaged limbs on the tree it can still leave debris on the roof that can build up over time and that can lead to damage.
Wild Animals & Birds Can Cause Damage To Your Roof: This may not seem like a big deal but animals and birds can cause a serious amount of damage to your roof. There are some birds such as a wood pecker that will go after pests even if they are under a shingle or on a roof tile. They also will nest on the roof and near the gutters and eaves. Other critters such as squirrels, mice and raccoons can pull apart the roofing materials and use them for nesting. They can also tear away the eaves and fascia to get access to the attic or crawl space.
Wind & Storm Damage to Roof: This is one of the ways that damage is caused that you cannot stop or even prevent. If there is extreme weather that passes around your home there can some serious damage. Even if the roof is installed correctly it can still be damaged due to extreme weather such as hail, wind and rain.

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