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Archives: February 2016

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home and plays a crucial role in keeping the weather out. When your roof needs to be repaired you want to get it done quickly. Most people have little experience when it comes to working with a roofing contractor to get their roof repaired or replaced. Unfortunately fraudulent roofing contractors have been known to prey on unsuspecting and vulnerable homeowners and over the years they have become more and more bold in their scheming and dishonest tactics.

The professionals at Nickerson Roofing list some common roof scams to give you the information you need to protect you from falling victim to unscrupulous roofing scammers.

One of the most lucrative scams in the roofing industry involves the door-to-door roofing salesman who shows up on your door step with promises of a free roof. They most often target senior citizens and immigrants but any homeowner they can trick and swindle are fair game.

Their modus operandi includes:
• Solicit door-to-door
• Friendly but uses high-pressure tactics to close the sale, such as presenting a photograph of roof damage from a different home and claim that it is from your roof.
• Reluctant to provide an up-front price or written contract, once the project has started the price will increase
• Demand payments in cash
• Use toll-free (800) phone numbers instead of local listings
• Have P.O box numbers instead on an actual street address
• Offer complimentary inspections and then offer to repair the problems

The roofing scams:
• Will claim they have materials left over from another roofing job which will be offered to you at a discounted price.
• Will claim to use a sealant when in actuality they will apply a watery liquid that is essentially useless upon your roof.
• Place a few new wood planks under old roofing planks.

Out of Town Storm Chaser Roofing Scam

One of the most publicized of all the roofing scams is the out-of-town storm chasers. These roofers travel around the country following the paths of storms looking for unsuspecting homeowners to trick and exploit. One of the most common areas of exploitation is hail and wind damage. Storm chasers pay close attention to reports from the weather bureau so they know which areas to target and which areas the insurance companies will allow roof replacements. How does the scam work? The storm chasers will cover an area hit by hail or wind damage and look for homeowners that require roof repairs. It is a common practice to hand out brochures and show up on a homeowner’s door step offering a free inspection. Unfortunately the work completed is usually substandard and the homeowner is left with a roof that is of poor quality. Once the shoddy workmanship is identified the storm chaser is long gone and can’t be found.

How to avoid being a victim of a roofing scam:
• Investigate the company’s background.
• Work with a local company. The experts at Nickerson Roofing service Truckee, California and the surrounding areas of North Lake Tahoe.
• Check the status of the roofer’s license with your local building department or licensing agency.
• Ask to see proof of insurance.
• Be aware of your rights – your contractor must notify you of your right to cancel within three days of a signing a contract.

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With the winter fading into the past and spring quickly approaching, it’s time to get busy on spring time cleaning and maintenance. Rooftops are often neglected during winter, which results in preventable leaks and damage. Taking a few hours to do a bit of maintenance can better protect your roof, repair any damage it has endured during the harsh winter and strengthen it for the upcoming warmer spring; and the May showers, thunder and rainstorms that come with it!

Nickerson Roofing would like to take this time to share a few roofing care and maintenance tips easily accomplished by most homeowners.

Roofing Inspection Checklist – A visual survey is a good way to start. Utilizing binoculars is optimal for a better view. But either way, inspect the roof for any wear and tear or damage. Look for any loose, missing, buckling or curling shingles as well as for any damage on the flashing, any rot or damaged wood around the eaves, gutters and down spout. If anything seems in need to repair or replacing, contact a professional.
Roofing Repairs. Even the slightest signs of leaks, holes, or any other damage should be repaired now to avoid serious catastrophe down the line. Spring and summers can potentially bring on some intense weather conditions that can pound the roofs and make small damaged areas larger. To prevent serious and costly destruction, it is in your best interest to get the repairs done correctly. Do it yourself if you are familiar with roofs, and comfortable being elevated on unleveled surfaces. If you are not, call in the experts to handle the repairs. Not only will they get done, but they will be repaired by a knowledgeable and experienced specialist.
Keep Landscape Away from Roofs. Trees and shrubs that hang over, or crawl up the rooftops need your attention. Many times, limbs, branches and other such vegetation do not survive the bitter winter temperatures. Leaving the dangerous objects hovering over your roof, combined with the a wind storm, or just nature, can be a recipe for catastrophe. Prune the trees; even healthy branches should be trimmed away from the roof. For more mature trees especially, be sure to get a professional involved to avoid any accidental mishaps.
Gutter Repair and Cleaning. Gutters and down spouts should not only be inspected, but they should also be maintained. Be sure to remove all manner of debris such as leaves, sticks, wildlife nests, mud, and other clogs or buildup. Clogged gutters can mean trouble in the event of a rainstorm. Ensuring they are cleaned is a good way to prevent damage or mold from developing. While cleaning, inspect for any sign of damage. Rust, holes, cracks, dents, or other such wear and tear will either need repairing or replacing. If you don’t feel confident up a ladder, don’t feel experienced enough, don’t have the time or inclination, call a professional roofing contractor like Nickerson Roofing for gutter cleaning and repairs.

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Our professionals at Nickerson Roofing, have the training, experience, knowledge and skill to ensure all elements of your roof is ready for the oncoming season. If any roof repairs are in need, or gutters need replacing, repairing or even cleaning, we have the needed equipment and proficiency to perform these services for you. Call us today to schedule your next appointment!

When you have had a roof that can no longer be repaired and needs to be replaced with a new one there is a lot that is going to happen. Make sure that you take care when choosing a roofing contractor to replace your roof and do it right so that it lasts the amount of time it was intended. Roofing is a very technical skill and needs specialized tools to ensure that you have a roof that will not leak and will withstand the elements. Having a new roof installed is a big deal and needs to be budgeted for so you want to be sure that it is done right.

Nickerson Roofing outlines what you can expect when you have a new roof installed on your home.

Choosing the New Roof Style, Materials & Color Details

This is the part that you will want to take your time doing and also using the professional help of a technician at Nickerson Roofing. You will have to look at shingles and tiles and decide what style and color you want. This is a fun part and you can choose something quite different from what you had before.

Roof Demolition & Tear Off Cost

This is the part that most people call demolition. The old roof that has been inspected and found to be beyond repair needs to come off and thrown out. Most of the time a large trash bin is parked near the house and the roofing materials are removed and thrown into the bin. You want to be sure that you have moved anything away from the perimeter of the home that you don’t want to accidentally smashed. They may also require you to move any vehicles from the driveway so they have room for the trash bin and can prevent damage to your vehicles.

Installing a New Roof

This is when the roofing professionals will bring out a crew that has experience and training to install the roofing materials correctly so that the end product is complete and ready to last and stand up to the harsh elements of the North Lake Tahoe Basin. Before the actual shingle or tile is installed, there are materials laid down first that act as a membrane to protect the plywood underneath. Then the shingles or tiles are installed in a particular staggering order.

If you are ready to have your roof installed or need any other roofing or related service, you should call the experts at Nickerson Roofing in Truckee, Mystic, Floriston, Olympic Valley, Alpine Meadows, Tahoe City, Dollar Point, Ridgewood, Carnelian Bay, Kings Beach, Eder, Norden, Soda Springs & The North Lake Tahoe Basin of California today!

Gutters come in many shapes, sizes and colors and just like most things in life the price points are varied. There are many components to consider when choosing new gutters including material and shape. It is also very important to consider performance and quality which over time will reward you with lasting beauty and minimal maintenance. Deciding on gutters for your residential home or commercial business can often be an overwhelming experience. Fortunately, there is help at hand!

The expert roofers at Nickerson Roofing are available to guide you through your gutter selections in Truckee California and the surrounding North Lake Tahoe Basin of California.

Basic Rain Gutter Types

There are two basic gutter types which differ in appearance by the shape of their cross section. Each type comes in both 5 and 6 inch widths.
K-style gutters have both flat bottoms and backs, but the front of the gutter usually has a decorative component that often resembles crown molding. There are many styles available to choose from.
Half-round gutters as the name implies have half round tubes and are most often found on older homes.

Residential and commercial gutters can be made from various materials including:

Aluminum Gutters – one of the most widely used materials for residential guttering. It is lightweight, rust resistant, comes in a wide variety of colors that can be painted and most importantly is perfect for regions that experience heavy snows during winter like the North Lake Tahoe Basin!
Copper Gutters – rust resistant and a beautiful product that does not require painting as it will develop a natural patina over a period of time. Most often used on higher-end properties and historic restorations.
Zinc Gutters – long lasting and durable, an expensive product that is typically used on historic restorations and higher-end residences.
Seamless Aluminum – seamless or continuous gutters are made on site and the fabricator will use a gutter forming machine to custom cut the length of gutter that is needed. One of the many benefits of a seamless gutter system is reducing the risk of leaks. Of course, flimsy seamless gutters just wouldn’t hold up with the heavy snowfall we experience in Truckee California!
Vinyl Gutters – inexpensive and lightweight, one of the disadvantages of vinyl is it can be susceptible to cracking in severe cold and fading in the sunlight. It will not support the weight of ladders or other items that are placed up against them. Again, not a good choice for our region!
Steel Gutters – strong and heavy with many color options and can be painted decorator colors. Available in strong welded 18 gauge steel it can withstand heavy snowfall and is the preferred choice of your Nickerson Roofing professionals!

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For more information about gutters and other roofing installations, replacements, inspections, emergency repairs & maintenance, contact the professionals at Nickerson Roofing today. We invite you to speak with a customer service representative about how an a welded 18 gauge steel gutter can benefit your home or business.

Every year winter brings more and more extreme weather conditions that are capable of knocking out power and even bringing cities to a complete halt. One of the areas on the exterior of your home that takes a constant beating especially in winter is your gutter system. Harsh winter weather in the North Lake Tahoe Basin can cause damage when ice builds up in your gutter system and prevents the flow of melting snow from easing down your down spouts for proper drainage. Instead the ice that has built up in the gutter pushes the snow over the lip of the gutter and creates long icicles.

Preventing Ice Dams from Forming on your North Lake Tahoe Basin House

Another area of concern that is equally problematic is the formation of ice dams. Ice dams begin to form when snow builds up on your roof. Even if the temperature stays below freezing, the snow will begin to melt as the heat from within your home warms your roof and melts the snow from underneath. The resulting run off then enters your gutters which are colder in temperature than your roof, causing the melted snow to refreeze. This creates an ice dam which prevents the drainage of any fresh snow from melting. When an ice dam is formed, overexposure to moisture is unavoidable. As the ice begins to melt water penetrates beneath the shingles, and eventually the plywood causing damage to your roof. Keeping your gutters clean prior to the winter months is one way to help prevent ice dams and the resulting buildup. Gutters that are clogged with leaves and other debris will speed up the process of ice damming and the resulting overflow.

Insulating Attic & Roof to Prevent Ice Dams

Another way to keep snow from melting on your roof is to make sure that your roof is properly insulated. Proper insulation will ensure that no warm air is escaping to prematurely melt snow and overload your gutter system. Gutters can also be damaged from snow and ice that builds up after a heavy snow fall. Many gutters can fold under the weight of heavy ice and snow, eventually breaking away from your roof and falling to the ground. That’s why Nickerson Roofing only uses super strong welded 18 gauge steel. Those flimsy seamless gutters wouldn’t hold up in Truckee CA with the heavy snow fall we get!

Heated Gutter Guards & Screening Installation

The experts at Nickerson Roofing have developed a system that utilizes both insulation and ventilation along with heated gutter guards and screening that will give your home the ultimate in gutter protection. Heated gutter guards are energy efficient and safe and designed to prevent thick ice buildup and ice dams. Not only will heated gutter guards strengthen your homes gutters by preventing ice and snow build up, gutter screening will allow rainwater in, while keeping leaves, pine needles and other debris out. Gutter guards can be installed over new or preexisting gutters and are designed to strengthen and reinforce your existing gutter system. By combining insulation & ventilation along with gutter guards and gutter screening you will have a winning combination to keep your home free from leaves and other debris along with melted ice and snow essentially giving you the protection you need all year round.

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For more information on insulation & ventilation along with gutter guards and gutter screening, contact the knowledgeable installation technicians at Nickerson Roofing and speak with an experienced customer service professional about all of your roofing needs. Don’t fight with ice and snow this winter, schedule your appointment today!