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Archives: January 2016

Efficient attic ventilation is often a concern when managing moisture and prolonging the life of roof coverings along with meeting the challenge of adequately exhausting warm air. Over the years sufficient attic ventilation has become a challenging but workable component for roofing contractors to achieve high performance roofing systems in homes and commercial businesses. And here’s why.

Moisture & Temperature Control of Attic Ventilation for Steep Slope Roofs

With the benefits of moisture and temperature control of attic ventilation widely accepted, the challenge for roofing companies is how to control moisture and temperature on structures that are not typically suited for intake/exhaust attic ventilation systems. Steep-slope roof structures with living spaces directly below the roof deck, glue-lam construction, cathedral ceilings and post & beam construction continue in their popularity within areas such as residential construction, retail stores and institutions. Roofing options include asphalt shingle, metal, and tile roofs including slate. Providing the correct amount of attic ventilation for these structures can be irksome and poses a variety of headaches.

Ventilated Nail Base Insulation

In order to solve the dilemma, ventilated nail base insulation was designed and developed. It combines a product known as polyiso insulation along with a 1” deep air space and a top layer of sheathing that serves as the actual nailing base for the installation of the roof covering. This type of insulation was designed to prevent heat drive into the space below the roof deck in conjunction with the provided air space which allows the excess moisture to be exhausted before it condenses within the roof system.

Benefits of Nail Base Roof Insulation

When combined, the insulating and ventilation features of ventilated nail base insulation are similar in nature to those of a standard attic ventilation system and function under similar principles. Ventilated nail base insulation is installed directly on top of steep-slope wood or steel roof decking and in addition can be used on shingle, tile, slate and metal constructed roofing systems. With the design and popularity of steep-slope roof structures continuing to grow, ventilated nail base insulation will continue to provide a positive solution for architects, builders and roofing contractors who are looking for a viable solution to manage both moisture and temperature control on steep-slope roof systems
• Perfect for cathedral roofing systems, glue lam along with post & beam structures and conditioned attic spaces.
• Reduces the amount of heat drive into living areas and conditioned spaces.
• Exhausts excess moisture before it has a chance to condense within the deck or the roofing system.
• Can be installed on structural wood or steel sloped roofing options.

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When ice, snow and frost builds up on your roof and gutters, it can result in damage that is caused by the accumulation of the ice and snow and the resulting ice dam. An ice dams occurs when water repeatedly thaws and freezes, allowing ice and snow to melt and refreeze along the roof line. The resulting dam continues to trap water which allows it to seep under the shingles resulting in extensive damage which often requires costly repairs.

How to Prevent Ice Build Up on Roof

Fortunately, there is a cost effective solution to de-icing your roof and gutters before expensive repairs are needed. The professionals at Nickerson Roofing can provide a deicing solution that consists of a system designed to detect and melt ice and snow by essentially creating a pathway for water to drain; avoiding any possible damage to your roof line.

De-Icing Cables for Roofs & Gutters

If you have experienced ice dams in the past and have tried other solutions that have failed, you should seriously consider using deicing cables. Deicing cables heat your roof’s edge and will essentially keep the area clear of ice and snow build up.

The 4 Major Benefits of installation of deicing cables by your Nickerson Roofing professional include:
1. Providing safety to you and your family
2. Protecting your investment by protecting your home
3. Saving you money from the expense of costly repairs
4. Providing convenience

De Icing Cable Installation

When your knowledgeable Nickerson Roofing specialist installs your deicing system, you can be confident knowing that your structures including your residential home or commercial property will be kept safe from the harsh winter weather. You will also have the peace of mind of knowing that a deicing system is the best way to prevent possible damage caused by trapped water due to a buildup of ice. Ice, snow and trapped water can cause problems such as leaking roofs, mold growth or even a complete roof collapse should an excessive amount of ice and snow continue to build up in the harsh winter elements.

Types of De-Icing Systems

Gutter and roof deicing systems are specifically designed to melt snow and ice and safely channel the water away before it can cause damage to your roof. Deicing cables are typically installed along the edge of the roof where ice and snow has a tendency to accumulate. Once the cables are attached they can be plugged into a ground fault circuit interrupter receptacle after a heavy snowfall or whenever you see ice dams begin to formulate. Your Nickerson Roofing specialist can offer advice on the right deicing system for your specific needs. Deicing systems are available in different voltages and can be specifically calibrating depending on the application and the type or size of the structure. Our roofing specialists can customize a system for your residential, commercial or industrial properties. We can match a deicing system that will be perfectly suited to your individual requirements that is efficient and cost effective.

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Winters in the North Lake Tahoe Basin are brutal. They are freezing and cause an insane amount of snow to fall. Where does that snow land? Everywhere; even your roof. If you are not careful, the weight of that snow can cause your roof to buckle and cave in. But what can you do about it?

Nickerson Roofing offers many methods to help ease the burden of snow on your roof, but in this blog, we will relate some of the benefits of our snow retention and ice melting systems.

Snow Guards for Slate, Metal & Other Sloped Roofs. Snow guards are clever little devices that get fastened to a sloped roofing surfaces. With proper installation from a professional like Nickerson Roofing, it will help negate snow complications.
Snow Retention Devices & Systems. When the snow and ice compiles on a sloped roof, between the rise of the temperatures outside and the heat emanating from the building, that original snowfall and ice will begin to melt. During this melting progress, a layer of water develops between the snow and ice and the roof itself. Water, acting like a natural lubricant, makes quick work of the snow and ice sliding off all at once. Thanks to snow retention, the snow and ice fall will break, and be held on the roof. For safety’s sake, it then allows the snow to run off the roof in small doses, or even completely melt while still on the roof. The snow guards also jump into play here and help to evenly distribute the weight of snow and ice which contributes to damage. With the combination of snow guards and the snow retention system, it reduces damage on pedestrian areas, parked or moving vehicles, pricey landscaping, vents for plumbing or gutters, skylights or atriums, lower or adjacent roofs and other surfaces.

More Benefits of Snow Retention & Ice Melting Systems

1. Snow Retention. With a snow retention system, you can better control where the snow is going to fall. Some folks opt for the snow clips, they help prevent large loads of snow from falling off your roof, keeping the snow off entry points and/or walk ways. The authentic snow retention systems are more durable, lasting years, and offer even more control of when the slide off happens. As a North Lake Tahoe Basin homeowner, you have probably experienced your fair share of leaky roofs proceeding a nasty winter. Having the ventilation also helps control airflow. You can still maintain your perfect temperatures, and find the ideal water flow.
2. Preventive Roof Damage Maintenance. Properly keeping the weight of the snow off your roof, reduces the possibility of roof damage or cave ins. Investing in snow retention systems, saves you more money over time. Keeping your roof better intact helps reduce the need of roof repairs, which could be quite costly.

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Our professionals of Nickerson Roofing has the expertise and experience to help keep your roof in great shape no matter the season. Call us today to discuss your roofs better strategy on maintaining the snow on your roof.

When most folks list the things in their lives they are grateful for it’s usually the food on their tables, the clothes on their backs, and the roof over their heads. The roof over your head is a big one, and you want to preserve your roof with proper maintenance and repairs all year long. The winter months are hard on roofs. Snow continually falls and builds up. Your roof can only withstand so much weight pressure before it buckles.

Nickerson Roofing would like to outline the benefits of hiring a professional to remove the compacted snow from off your roof this cold winter season.

Rooftop Snow Facts:

1. Wet snow outweighs the drier, fluffier snow.
2. Weight is the determining factor when knowing if snow needs to be removed.
3. What is too much? Generally too much of a snow load is included in the local weatherman’s forecast.
4. Most often when a roof caves in under the weight of the snow, it is the result of an unsanctioned snow bearing wall being removed.
5. To know the weight of the fallen snow as well as whether it’s the wet, icy heavier snow or the fluffy, dry snow; simply shovel a few loads at ground level. If it’s the heavier snow, call the experts at Nickerson Roofing to handle the dangerous snowfall on your roof.

Signs you Need Emergency Roof Snow Removal Service:

– If there is a excess amount of weight due to snow on your roof top, you will notice the doors inside your home sticking shut. That indication is due to the snow weighing out the center of the structure of your home, causing the door frame to distort.
– If there are any visible cracks on the drywall near the door frames, this could also be a tell-tale sign of too much snow on your roof.
– If more than 6 inches of snow has fallen in a short amount of time.

Cost of DIY Roof Snow Removal:

There are a few methods you can choose from if you want to tackle this issue yourself. Remember safety first. Rooftops are hard to traverse in perfect weather conditions, but now you are performing labor related chores and using a shovel or rake while trying to keep your balance. For safety’s sake along, it is highly recommended you hire a pro.
– Utilizing a rake for snow removal is optimal. For smaller homes, remove as much snow as you can before climbing the ladder. Carefully manage the snowfall with your rake.
Shoveling snow is better done right after snowfall, but just like using the rake you need to perform this task carefully.
De-icing heat cables are a great alternative to snow removal. Having a professional install the heating cables can help keep the weight of the snow from off your roof, without requiring you to climb ladders and removing the snow manually. Nickerson Roofing is the leading experts in heat and de-icing cable installation.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Rooftop Snow Removal Service:

– When you hire a professional from Nickerson Roofing, you know that an expert is properly and efficiently removing the snow without causing harm or damage to the roof itself.
– With Nickerson Roofing’s expertise, you don’t have to take matters in your own hands and risk safety. Especially those who have physical disabilities where climbing a ladder isn’t an option. Our tradesmen have the experience and know-how to safely and efficiently remove the snow from your roof, keeping you in the safety of your home.
– We offer many methods and services to help with the impact your roof receives from snowfall. We have ice melting systems and snow retention systems. They help reduce damage and contribute to safety measures.
Proper gutter installation with the right size and material can greatly enhance the roof’s protection from snowfall. We install 18 gauge steel welded gutters that can withstand the heaviest snow falls.

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